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A large amount of storms have been sweeping through the eastern and central united states in recent weeks, and it seems that there will be more in the future. Meteorologists from several different sources claim that there will be more tornadoes this summer in central U.S. and that the eastern U.S. could be experiencing severe thunderstorms throughout the summer as well. These storms seem to on the rise for whatever reason, and this year we may experience a severe amount of societal damage as a result. Many places and people are simply not prepared. We are all guilty of it, hoping that nothing bad will happen and ignoring the fact that it probably will. We see people trying to reuild their lives after Hurricane Katrina years after the fact. That was a terrible storm and there were many reasons why it was so devestating, but it’s important to take note and try to learn from it. If you own a farm, and produce your livelihood from the land than protecting that livelihood is everything to you. Why should a freak storm be able to ruin a good harvest? If you own a tractor, or have livestock and general farm equipment it’s worth your while to protect it. “But how?” you might be

Elephant Barns offers top of the line metal barns with the strongest bracing in the business. These are highly customizable structures with an almost infinite range of uses. Other manufacturers will undercut prices by selling you what appears to be a structure like any other. What they aren’t telling you is they are neglecting to provide adequate bracing in order to withstand snow loads and debris from storms. If you just google search “collapsed metal barns” you will see exactly what we mean. Our metal barns are made to protect your investments, not to take your money. We work tirelessly to engineer the best, most affordable, strongest structures in the business that can withstand hail, severe weather and snow storms. Call now for a free consultation and ask about our certified carports with wind speed and snow load specifications.


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