Elephant Barns has a Seasonal Barn for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

Seasonal Barn

Elephant barns let’s you customize for climate. Check out some of our artful, functional seasonal barn designs below!

We make it easy for you to design and customize your very own seasonal barn! Use our online barn builder application to design all 360 degrees of your barn. You can start from scratch, or you can customize one of the options listed below.  The best thing is, custom designs, delivery, and installation are all free and included in the price you see online! Imagine your seasonal barn on our site.

Our Ideas on Seasonal Barn Designs

Seasonal Barn – Summer Barn

What’s so great about this summer barn? It’s custom designed to give the most shade per square inch possible. I colored the roof white to reflect the heat in august, and I put in red gables and side walls on all sides. I left it in the open air to encourage that breeze to come through. When I’m done designing and I review my options, my dimensions come down to 252 sq. ft. for each section of barn. That’s 756 sq ft total of shade to let my horses rest and to cover my cattle while they drink on a scorching July day!

Seasonal Barn – Fall Barn

I gave my seasonal barn a autumn look by going with a ridge line style roof. I separated my fall barn into three parts. On the left, a storage shed with doors and windows, where I plan to install a workbench and run a woodworking shop. In the center I have an open frame-out so that I can easily get in and out with my tractor and tools when I’m gathering my harvest or storing hay bales. On the right, I put in a garage door to protect my tractor, my lawn mover, and a whole load of other valuables that I’ve accumulated over the years. I even got a professional automated opener and a lock on the garage which the Elephant Barns customer service representatives (888-856-0564) recommended to me. They’re a nice, helpful bunch. I’d say my fall barn will look beautiful among the changing leaves and the orange skies!

Seasonal Barn – Winter Barn

I upgraded my winter barn to 12 gauge heavy duty steel so that I could have thick walls to protect against the cold air. The elephant representatives recommended a cheap and professional insulation company to me, and now my barn’s warm and completely winter proof. I also upgraded it to a certified structure since I needed a building permit for my farm. Plus, I get a 20 year warranty and assurance that it’ll handle heavy snow loads, because where I live, we hunker down in 8 ft of it every winter. My seasonal barn will be a great place to store my truck and my snow plow.  Also, try clicking on the 360 degree rotation to see all the windows I put around so that I could get some sunlight in the dark of winter.

Seasonal Barn – Spring Barn

I live on the coast, so my seasonal barn needs to be prepared for few severe rainstorms and hurricanes a year. That’s why I went with a valley style roof. It’s got a clean and simple drainage system that I don’t even have to worry about. I live close to the beach and so I also added auger anchors to fix my barn in sandy soil. I upgraded my seasonal barn into a certified structure with wind ratings up to 130mph! Where I live, it’s worth the investment. I didn’t need all the extra space, so I left one side of my barn in the open air. It’ll be nice to sit out by my spring barn to watch the sun go down over the ocean.

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