Metal Barns – Not Just a One Trick Pony

The name Metal Barn should not just be taken at face value.  While we do manufacture functional and affordable metal barns for livestock and farming, our buildings serve many other purposes to suit your every need.

Metal Barns are multifunctional and can house multiple possession all under the same roof.

You don’t need separate metal barns for your vehicles, trailers, and RVs!

Metal Barns utilize custom Peaks and lean-tos

Metal barns are great way to provide protection for all of your assets.  The Ridgeline Metal Barns can be utilized as a functional space to store all of your vehicles.  The peak height in the center allows for storage of larger assets like RVs or Boats.  Depending on the size of your assets, you could potentially store more than one large vehicle, trailer or piece of equipment in any of our metal barns.  The lean-tos projecting off the side of the Ridgeline Barn offer plenty of space for almost any sized automobile.

Efficiency of metal barns

Instead of having multiple alternatives to metal barns such as a garage for your automobiles or storage shed for your lawn equipment you could save yourself time and money by having all of your possessions under one roof.  Walls plus walk-in and garage doors are available for your metal barn so you can keep your assets protected and safe from the weather or from theft.  Doors can be equipped with locks and any side of the lean-to can be closed enclosed to ensure that your possessions are secure.  You can customize your own metal barn to design just what you need.

Easily configure the interior of your metal barn

The options are endless when it comes to configuring and designing the interior of your metal barn.  We make sure that our metal barns are user friendly and can easily be equipped with interior or exterior lighting, electrical outlets, shelves, racks, benches, cabinets or other accessories.


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