Pre Made Barns

Our pre made barns are engineered by experts and brought factory direct to your driveway.

Skillfully Engineered Pre Made Barns

100% American made, Elephant Barns delivers customized barn kits from our factory right to your doorstep. Engineered to last, you can be sure of the structural quality of your barn. All of the materials and designs for our pre made barns are skillfully examined by engineers. Our designs are run through computer software specially designed for the steel industry. You can rely on the experts in our factory when you order a sturdy steel structure custom built for you.

Available Styles of Pre Made Barns

Our barns are customizable online! Choose from a multitude of options on our Build ID application to and design as many pre made barns as you want for free. Check out the full list of features for custom pre made barns, and read-on for the short version of all of your options.

Your roof styles to choose from are: The Ridgeline, with a more traditional boxy look; The County, with a curvaceous feel designed for horse stables, and last but not least; The Valley style, with a long flat sloping roof that for extra height and excellent drainage.

Not matter what style you choose, you’ll get to customize all of your walls, dimensions, doors, and windows. Choose from 12 colors for each of your external components. With triple sealed colored steel, the paint on our barns is guaranteed not to chip, flake, or crack.  That layer of paint provides an extra layer of protection on that galvanized steel, so even if you happen to scratch or bump your steel walls a bit, there’s no chance of corrosion or rust.

Ask our customer representatives for affordable recommendations to upgrade your barn, with silent garage door openers, luminescent windows, and summer and winter insulation to manage temperature control. We’ve built a lot of pre made barns for a variety of customers across the US, and have since acquired a long list of experts that you can rely on for whatever barn service you may need.

Long Lasting Pre Made Barns

Steel barns are fire resistant, fungal and rodent deterrent, and protected from dirt and aging color. Steel is also a “green” material, currently the number one most recycled material in America. Choose steel for durability, affordability, and versatility.

For more tips about steel pre made barns, or if you have questions about our engineering or installation process, get in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter. We’re always happy to hear from you!


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