Portable Barns from Elephant Structures

Our portable Barns are secured right into the ground, very sturdy when in place, but highly portable for years to come. Our barns are adaptable to your needs, able to be customized to your needs over time.

Portable Barn

Elephant Structures are customizable now and later.   With portable barns that can be updated in years to come, your farm, residence or business will always have a structure perfect for your needs.

Portable Barns are DIY friendly, but they also come with Free Assembly

All portable barns, Elephant Structures are able to be build customized and upgraded by customers themselves. Customers have turned our structures into all sorts of uses, made into chicken coops, mechanic shops, extra living spaces, workshop, and sheds.

We let our customers design their own portable barns online and we manufacture structures to their design specifications. From the siding to the styles and colors, customers are able to choose form a variety of extra features to update a virtual model of their Elephant Structure using our BuildID application. All online orders of custom structures come with free delivery and installation, able to place your barn right into your backyard.

But Elephant Structures are able to be built by the customers themselves, provided they have a bit of construction experience. These barns can be highly adaptable to your current and future needs.  Here are just some of the extra features that we can arrange to be installed, transforming your space into a modern addition to your business, farm, or residence:

  • Automatic Garage Doors
  • Automatic Work lights
  • Insulation for Summer and Winter
  • Cement Floors

Give our customer service representatives a call, 888-471-2812, to learn more about all the different ways that our barns can be adapted to your needs.

To learn more about our company, and to see more of our portable barns, get in touch with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


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