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Expert Advice On a Barn Kit from Elephant Structures

Elephant Structures offers portable barn kits custom designed by you for your farm. Assemble a barn kit yourself or have us assemble it for you with free delivery and installation included. In addition, when you order a portable barn kit from Elephant Structures, there’s no need to install a concrete base. Our easy-to-assemble steel barns can be secured directly to the ground, and additional anchors can be applied to ensure stability in sandy or loose soils. By reaching out for expert advice from an Elephant Structures representative, you’re assured to design a sturdy, yet customizable, portable barn that you can be proud of.

Advice: Consider Insulation with the Installation of your Portable Barn Kit

Elephant Barns Portable Barn Kits are design to be easy to adjust, augment, and update based on your needs. For farmers, ranchers, and other customers planning on working regularly in their barn, it is recommended that you ask our customer service representatives about insulating your portable barn kit.

Insulation not only will protect your newly assembled portable barn kit from the summer heat. Insulation on a portable barn kit makes farm work easier, and thus, greatly improves the economic productivity of a farm.  Ranchers, farmers, and anyone who raises animals will agree that a comfortable herd is far easier to manage than a herd agitated by hot, muggy air. Insulation allows you to work more efficiently in the comfort of your assembled portable barn kit.

Talk To an Elephant structures Expert about Customizing your Metal Structure

Our experts can advise you on choosing insulation that’s fire safe, has a clean appearance, is rodent preventative, and that maintain a comfortable temperature in your barn during the hot summer. Whether you have horses or raise livestock, you’ll spend less time sweating and more time working when you insulate your portable barn kit.

Call a customer service representative (888-896-5648) for more expert recommendations for customizing your Elephant Structures Portable Barn Kit.


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