This barn could be mistaken for a pole barn, but it is simply a steel half-walled barn by Elephant Barns.

Pole barn is a tricky term. Lots of times people *think* they know what a pole barn is, or perhaps someone told them that their barn was a pole barn, but in reality it could be something totally different. Here at Elephant Barns, we have people call in all the times asking if we can sell them a pole barn, but really what they’re looking for is something sturdy, long-term, and made of our high quality steel.

So, what is a Pole Barn?

A pole barn (also called post-frame construction) is a low-rise barn that has a wooden framework supported by wooden “poles” set six to eight feet deep in the ground. The roof is supported by similar poles, set off with an exterior that is generally made from shingles or high-gauge (thin) steel. Sometimes these barns are anchored to the ground by concrete slab, but they do not have to be as no foundation is required with its roots buried deep in the ground. Other optional features include a finished floor, walls, and the choice between wooden and high gauge thin metal siding.

A pole barn is not the choice for someone that wishes to ever be able to move their barn. Even though there is no foundation on a pole barn, the poles are anchored so deep in the ground that it is impossible to move without deconstructing a great portion of the barn. A pole barn is not entirely weather-proof. As these barns are made from wood, they are subject to extreme weathering, rotting, termites, splitting, bowing, and a host of other issues that are unique to wooden structures. Even if the wood is treated, it will still need to be replaced and worked on frequently to keep the barn at its optimal functionality.

And what are the metal barns at Elephant Barns like?

Elephant Barns offers a wide range of completely customizable metal barns for a variety of purposes. Our barns can be anchored to the ground using auger anchors, which are incredibly sturdy, but can still be removed without deconstruction of the building if a need to move the building arises. Our barns are made 100% of 12 or 14 gauge galvanized steel, providing our customers with a completely weatherproof, sun-damage proof barn that can stand up to the elements like a champion. Because they are made of steel, Elephant Barns are impervious to termites, rotting, warping, splitting, and other common issues that you may find in wooden structures.

 If you’re still confused about the definition of a pole barn and would like to talk to someone that could explain it to you over the phone, give us a toll-free call at 855-CAR-PORT. One of our knowledgeable Metal Shelters Experts will field your call and would be glad to talk to you more about pole barns, horse barns, or any other barn or metal structure.


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