Outdoor Barn for Farm Storage

Outdoor Barn Versatility

A steel outdoor barn is a multifunctional, durable, and affordable structure fit for any farm!

Are you looking for an outdoor barn to store hay bales and to protect your farm equipment like a tractor or a hay baler? Elephant barns offers custom designed steel barns for an affordable price and a free delivery and installation fee.

Why pick a steel barn? Elephant Barns are cheap and versatile in nature, meaning they can be upgraded and customized at any point in time. In addition to being affordable and portable, our outdoor barns are high quality, durable structures, rated to handle heavy snow loads, deflect UV radiation, stand up to high winds, and protect your valuable farm equipment from rainstorms.

Outdoor Barn Hay Bale Storage and Steel Barn Benefits

Follow these tips on hay bale storage and see the benefits of an Elephant Barns’ outdoor barn in action.

  • Hay should have less than 20% moisture while it’s stored. Otherwise, your hay bales are at a severe risk for fire to break out as a result of bacterial decomposition within the center of the hay pile.  An elephant outdoor barn will resist fire damage up to very high temperature and often will stand tall even after a hay fire, but it’s not a situation that you want to test, being both hazardous for you and your business.  Proper hay storage, temperature monitoring, and treating hay with a preservative will ensure the safety of an outdoor barn, and keep your business profitable for the next season.
  • An open faced hay storage barn must be designed with the opening of the outdoor barn strategically placed to avoid direct wind. Having a high roof and an opening allows for adequate airflow to let your hay bales expel moisture while still being protected from the elements. Elephant barns can be positioned in any way you want, and our expert barn team will be happy to provide advice on how and where to place your barn for optimum functionality. Our certified outdoor barns are wind rated up to 130mph, so you can be sure that whatever weather comes your way, from a little thunderstorm to a hurricane, a certified elephant barn will keep your hay, crops, and other farm equipment safe and dry. For more information on proper wind protection and other useful advice on hay storage, check out this University of Kentucky pamphlet on outdoor barn hay safety guide.
  • It takes a lot of equipment to run a farm, and that’s why Elephant Barns allows you to customize an outdoor barn for crop storage, garage space, and/or animal shelters.  Our custom online building application allows you to personalize each of the three sections of your outdoor barn to meet your needs, able to add garage doors, windows, and to stylize your roof for proper drainage and good looks. Our team is also happy to get you in touch with reputable company that can install insulation to protect crops or animals during the winter and summer months.  Elephant Barns is committed to helping you get your dream barn that meets your exact specifications and quality standards.

For more tips on what to look for in a quality outdoor barn, get in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter! We love to hear from our customers and inquirers.





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