Metal Storage Building Surprise

What’s your household storage look like right now? I want you to picture it. Chances are, it’s not nearly as metal as what you see here.

metal storage building


We don’t use words like “metal” lightly. I guess you could say we use them heavily. Because it’s…heavy metal. Metal storage buildings from Elephant Barns are the metal-est way to store your household stuff.

metal storage building

Ignore the terrible puns. We’re serious.

That’s because our metal storage building options are customizable. It’s because there’s nothing more convenient than free installation. It’s because there’s nothing more pleasing (storage-wise) than a clean, dry space to stow your thingamajigs and whatsits. It’s because quality construction and strong steel components are a must. Without these elements, your doohickeys will be brutalized.

metal storage building

Kinda like how she just brutalized the English language. Zing!

Okay, so maybe I’m not as cool or as metal as our metal storage buildings. But you know what? I’m okay with that.

Customize your metal storage building.

It’s easy. You can head over to our radical customization page and learn how to build it online, all by your awesome self. Or you could give us a call at the number listed above and one of our awesome sales engineers will whip up a design that’s perfect for your storage needs.

Get free installation.

I don’t think I have to tell you how awesome it is to get free delivery and installation. Suffice it to say: words do not do it justice.

Stow your whatsits.

Once your metal storage building is in place, you’re raring and ready to go. We could all use the extra space. Store your things with ease and tranquility.

So metal.

Superior construction with quality components…what’s more metal than that?

Ready To Realize Your Metal Building Dream?     Build it Now

If you like what you see here, get your own steel storage building by visiting our homepage or giving us a call! We’re ready to help bring you the solution to all your storage needs. And hey, quick, before that interrupting building comes back, hurry and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plu

metal storage building

Click me. I know what you need in a metal storage building.


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It's pretty easy to get excited about an Elephant Barns steel barn. I should know--I'm a steel barn connoisseur.

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