Metal Cattle Barns Will Protect Your Livestock

We write often on the dangers of wooden barns, or mixed wooden barns. They are a staple of the farm life, but that staple is due to the lack of availability of metal in the past. Now, steel can be recycled and manufactured at such a rate that it is affordable to every home-owning man or woman in the United States. This particular fire was in Mercer County, Ohio, at a dairy farm. The family involved has neglected to comment to the local news stations about how the details, how they’re going to move forward, and what happened. The fire is currently still under investigation.

A metal cattle barn is a highly effective method for protecting your property from fires. Lightning can strike at any time, and electrical failures can happen. With a metal cattle barn, those fires are much easier to contain simply from the lack of fuel for the flames. A fire in a wood barn has the entire structure to consume and wreak havoc with, the metal barn cannot burn, although it can sustain aesthetic damage from smoke and some damage from extreme heat. Overall, a metal roof is not simply enough to prevent a fire. A metal horse barn cannot prevent a fire either, but it can reduce the damage of fires significantly. All of our metal barns are extremely customizable, and can be installed and delivered free of charge! If you’re curious about customization options, call now for a free consultation or take a look here at our state of the art barn builder.

Elephant Metal Cattle Barns

At Elephant Barns, we’ve been making metal cattle barns for the past 37 years. We know what it takes to create a long-lasting company, and that’s a long lasting and reliable product. We chose metal barns at the inception of the company because wooden barns simply don’t take the damage that wooden barns do. We have built metal barns that have stood for years and years with just a little annual maintenance. We want to protect your livestock and your livelihood with our metal buildings, by giving you the structures you need to create the life you deserve. Our barns come in three styles.

Regular Roof

Our standard regular roof features horizontal panels which run from front-to-back. Because the regular roof style requires the least complicated construction, it is our most economical choice. It is important to note that we recommend that buildings longer than 36 feet should upgrade to a vertical roof.

Frame / Boxed-Eave Roof

The A-Frame style roof features horizontal panels which run from front-to-back and a boxed-eave trim covering the interior eave-side of the truss for a finished look. This gives your metal barn sharper angles.

Call in today for a free consultation, and let your building advisor know that you’re searching for a cattle barn kit to protect your livestock. Whatever you need, we can get it done here at Elephant Barns.


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