Metal Carports from the Comfort of your Own Home

Have you ever been to or driven by one of those sales lots sporting metal carports on the side of the road?  You are swarmed by overbearing sales people who want to sell you one of these generic metal carports on a marked up price.  It’s not quite exactly what you want and so you leave the lot unsatisfied with your options.

Metal Carports- quality made products

Why waste time viewing sub-par metal carports when you could get exactly what you want from the comfort of your own home?

Finding metal carports does not have to be difficult!  Designing metal carports can be done from the comfort of your own home and only takes a few short minutes.  You can choose everything from dimensions to the roof, walls, ends, doors and windows even down to the color, insulation, certification, anchors, or installation.  And you’ll be surprised by the affordable price too.

At we don’t have those pesky sales people or marked up prices to deal with.  If the metal carports you design are too expensive for your budget, you can change the options to make it suit your financial needs, we also offer financing if you need it!  You won’t have a sales person trying to manipulate your decision just to make a sale.

Save yourself the time and hassle of trolling the dealer lots and browse our metal carports with all of their option online or by phone.  We have helpful sales engineers that will be available to you through the whole process.  If you design a carport electronically, one of our sales engineers will be in contact with you shortly to discuss specifics.  If you aren’t sure what you want, or want options other than what is offered on our metal carports configurator, they can also help you create the building you want.

Our revolutionary BuildId system for metal carports lets you design your own building in a matter of minutes.  we have worked diligently to make sure it is an organized and easy process that will take a minimal amount of time.  you can explore all of your options including dimensions, walls, door, and roof options.


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Elephant Structures provides real-time pricing on metal carports, metal garages, and metal barns through and Elephant's patent-pending BuildID system provides carport buyers with the ability to create, customize, and see exactly what they are buying. It's the easy way to buy a metal building...

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