Metal Buildings For Residential And Commercial Use

Need a new metal building, garage, barn, or storage building for your home or business? Elephant Barns by Elephant Structures provide quality metal buildings nationwide. Prefabricated steel and metal buildings are a cost effective way to create the space you need quickly. The unique design and steel construction of our buildings allow us to install buildings, even for commercial applications without costly foundation work and footers. This is a huge cost savings when looking at the total cost of adding a building to your property. Our metal buildings can be installed on any level surface such as concrete and asphalt, but we can engineer our buildings to be installed on gravel, dirt and even wood decking. For standard applications, delivery and installation are free with the purchase of our buildings. For unique installations, and commercial applications, please call to discuss your needs and installation site. We can build our structures over existing parts and equipment, but this scenario requires a custom quote to ensure our buildings meet your needs, and that our crews are safe during installation.

Metal buildings from Elephant Barns consist of a center structures similar to a one or two car garage up to 30 ft. wide. We then attach lean-tos to each side of this structure to increase the total width of the building and add to the total sq. ft. of storage or work space of the construction. The lean-to’s come standard at 12 ft. wide giving you a total width of up to 54′.  The length of the building can be extended from 10 ft. to over 100 ft. in length giving you large potential of clearspan space of 30′ by 100′ long in the center section alone. Visit the metal building builder on our website to explore your options and to customize your building, or call a rep for a fully custom design or to discuss commercial applications of our buildings.


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