Metal Barns are Far Superior to Pole Barns

Some customers call in wanting a pole barn, and we fully understand. Metal barns seem to most to not be as traditional as pole barns, even though it’s mostly due to their perception of using metal for construction as being novel. Truth is, it’s been going on for over a century now. Most of the construction memories that most people have, be it from living in the city, approaching industrialization watching a movie, or listening to Pink Floyd; the sounds of steel clanging steel, hammers hitting nails, and heavy machinery banging together is mostly from metal construction. You just don’t see massive buildings being built for future endeavors out of wood these days. There was a time when wood was used to build most buildings for the public, but this is simply not the case these days.

Carpenters do often establish the brilliance of wood as a building material, but mostly it’s the best for crafting smaller things than buildings. Pole barns are argued to be versatile. However, our barns are infinitely more customizable due to the ease of configuration and our highly talented engineers. If you want to see how easy it can be to customize your metal barn just use our builder. Every one of our buildings can be ordered as a DIY kit, but we always offer free installation and delivery. If you’ve got unique specifications or custom installation requirements you may have to request a custom quote but if you call in any of our building advisors would be happy to help you with a free consultation.

Buying a metal barn eliminates the headache of dealing with wood rot.

Explanations for Metal Barns vs. Pole Barns

Pole barns are generally considered to be aesthetically pleasing as well, but metal barns are extremely aesthetically customizable. Our panels can be ordered with any combination of colors at no extra charge and free wains-coating! All in all, dimensions are the main thing that effects the aesthetic appearance on your property, as well as location. Choosing the right location for your barn is easy to do, it only takes a bit of planning that your building advisor would be happy to help you with. One thing to keep in mind however, is that we usually recommend concrete foundation to assist in stability and longevity of your building.

  • Rot resistance – Wooden pole barns are subject to rot which manifests in mildew and mold. This happens to all wood over time, due to it’s porous nature and biological origin. Wood is a naturally occurring building material, and subsequently is biodegradable. Metal barns are highly resistant inherently, and with some extra coating it can become even more resistant. We also offer a 20 year rust-through warranty on all of our buildings.
  • Termites – Simple fact is that termites eat wood and they don’t like steel. Insects other than termites do exist that prefer wood over metal, and they eat it quickly. If you’re like most Americans you don’t want insects eating your buildings, especially if you’re using your wooden pole barn as a residential area.
  • The future bodes well for steel – All new buildings that are being constructed at least use steel as a primary component. A lot of construction companies are using steel due to it’s light weight to strength ratio, as well as it’s recycling strength retention. It’s the only alloy that we know about that retains it’s strength after being recycled. It’s also possible to make steel look traditional with a little effort.

Instant barn prices on a large metal shelter.

We Have The Structure You’ve Been Waiting For!

Whether you are looking to purchase a metal building for your farm, your estate, your vacation home, your lake house, or your primary residence, Elephant Structures has a number of options available for your consideration. Of course, if you only need a carport or a metal garage, Elephant Structures has a number of options with various price points. In all cases, Elephant prides itself on customer service, upfront pricing, and affordability. Give the experts a call at (888) 907-7309. Elephant sells product in all 48 states. Learn more about the metal building locations we work in across the country.

Our barns may be used for animal shelters, park pavillons, hay storage, carriage houses, firewood storage, motorcycle garages, livestock barns, horse barns, RV storage, boat storage, farm shed, farm house, agriculture building, storage units, and so much more. The options are endless.



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