Metal Barn Saves Mans Classic 65′ Chevelle From Being Destroyed

Metal barns are extremely resilient and require little to no maintenance, we’ve written often and at length about the customization options and possible certification options for our buildings. This barn in this story isn’t one that we built, but being one of the best in the business at every aspect of our industry we have confidence our buildings are even stronger. This story involves a tow truck driver who had a very unfortunate occurrence. He was driving at the end of a long day of work, which included overtime, when he got a call from a familiar police officer that usually told him where a car that needed to be towed was located. in this instance, Paul Krauska the tow truck driver said “All of a sudden, the sheriff calls me and I said ‘you got another one for me?’ She goes, ‘no, I got an officer at your farm. A car went through your barn.'”


The weather was in poor condition, and the driver hit a patch of snow and mud that drove his car off of the road into Krauska’s barn. The barn sustained a fairly considerable amount of damage, as the back end of the barn was dented heavily by the impact but remained mostly intact. The whole county was experiencing hazardous driving conditions, and were urged by the media and public institutions to maintain a careful eye on the road that day. Unfortunately, the incident was extremely unexpected and luckily the man driving the van that hit the barn was able to walk away from the accident. The main thing to take away from this incident was Krauska’s final words on the matter. “It just missed ’65 Chevelle. The Chevelle is what I was worried about the most.”

Elephant Barns and Classic Car Storage

Classic cars are rising in value recently, with a steady upward trend over the past two years. If you’re a proud owner of a classic car and are looking for a way to keep it stored where you have value and peace of mind at the same time than Elephant barns is a magnificent way to do so. We offer certification options on all of our buildings that are sure to meet your needs for protection and security. The amount of time and effort we put into learning about the best way to engineer and create the best buildings for our customers is unparalleled in the metal building business. If you have any questions about the ability to certify your building, custom building requirements, or unique specifications for installation please feel free to call a building advisor and discuss your building. We always offer free installation and delivery, and every day you can get a free consultation by simply calling to speak with an advisor. Whatever you need, Elephant Barns agrees. We’re in the business of building the best building you can buy, for a price that you can actually afford.


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