Metal Barn Living Quarters: The Bedroom

If you’re interested in making a metal barn your living quarters, then you’ll be pleased to know that a cozy bedroom with lighting and customization options a plenty. The barn has always been capable of drawing forth the charm and nostalgia of simpler times, but it’s also possible to create a combination of the two with our state of the art steel barns and modern interior design. 

Bed room dimly lit with bright color scheme


It all starts with design. The design of your room largely depends on what you want to encapsulate in your home. Our buildings can be customized heavily in the builder, but you should know we don’t build two story barns. our plans are all for single story building with multiple bays and rooms within. When it comes to making a metal barn your living quarters, we recommend wood paneling. Many of our customers use wood to cushion the industrial feeling of the bare steel inside. Modern design has incorporated white paneling in order to grab light and create a canvas for the rest of your quarters. White paneling also tends to change the appearance of the space in a way to make it feel bigger. It’s an illusion, but if you’re on a budget this can give you some scale in your design plans. 

Following the trend of the white paneled walls, white floors are actually a great choice as well. This is all in order to give the space an open feeling, which if you’re in the market for a barn you most likely enjoy. The high ceilings of our barns are akin to the vaulted ceilings seen in some homes. With white floors and walls and a vaulted ceiling, your barn will feel much larger than it looks inside. 

If you are in the camp that prefers dark and more intimate rooms, wood paneling is also capable of giving you that aesthetic. Keep the paneling natural and use a darker color to make your room full of rich tones day and night. The light from your windows will catch the wood nicely, and make the interior feel much more traditional than the modern trend of minimalism. You can stain the floors to be darker than your walls and ceiling to add more contrasted tones, increasing the depth and emotive capability of the interior. 

Pastel chair in living quarters


Your bedroom should be the focus of your comfortability and customization, meaning the most personal room in the home. Here you don’t have to entertain anyone but yourself, and your opinion is by far the most important. With white paneling the open space will push your furniture decisions to be lighter as well. We’ve seen customers go with blues and pastels for the furniture of the bedroom, but really anything that doesn’t clash with the white paneling will work well. Patterns on your furniture are about more risky, and should probably be simple. However, creating a nice aesthetic in your living quarters is capable with just a little but of calculated design philosophy. 

Dark bedrooms focused on comfort and richer tones should focus more on the same with furniture. Clashing with bright colors will juxtapose the comfort with business. The key to adding texture to your darker bedroom is using thick nit furniture with earth tones that compliment the stain of wood, as well as blankets and comforters that are thicker and more robust in their design. Elegance is in simplicity, but you can do a lot here with some raised texture. 

With white or darker paneling, your bed will end up being wood or metal. If you make your own headboards, pallets are a common solution for their affordability and availability. You can stain your pallets accordingly to compliment your wood paneling. If you decide to go with metal and compliment the industrial nature of the metal barn’s exterior, repurposed pipes and framing can actually be quite luxurious when executed properly. You can paint the metal accordingly or buff it down to get the required aesthetic. For the traditional method, quilted headboards in the style of old barns is a great way to execute that. 


Woman asleep with vaulted skylight in her living quarters

Final Touches

If you’re taking your design seriously, lighting is the centerpiece of any room. It may seem like a bit of an afterthought in most homes, but that’s generally because it is. If you use skylights to create a warm ambiance in the day, your white or dark paneled wood room will benefit greatly. It’s important to have a soft lighting option as well, as sometimes the sun can be extremely bright when you don’t want it to be. Curtains on your skylights with some clever curtain engineering can close your room out for resting in the day. We all need that once in a while. Using a mirror to catch a bit of light is also a great way to add depth and dimension to any room, not just the bedroom. The larger the mirror, the better the dimension is that is added. 

This is just the first in our series of interior design articles, stay tuned for more to come. 




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