Metal Barn Living Quarters: The Bathroom

The next area in our metal building living quarters series is the bathroom. The bathroom is a tricky installation for a normal home, and a metal barn living quarters is no exception. We’ve got some advice on how to make it look good, so you can keep working towards your dream home.

The bathroom is obviously a place that sees the most amount of water in the home. The look that a lot of our customers tend to go with is an antique, vintage, rustic look that is commonly the appeal of a barn to begin with. This type of interior design lends itself to exposed metal. Herein, the bathroom in the metal barn seems like a place you’ll have to sacrifice some of your aesthetic, but that’s not actually true.

french bathroom with fireplace


Nearly all bathrooms in homes these days have acrylic tiles in a square shape. This is a fairly flat design choice, but you can definitely look around for unique designs for your tiles. Just make sure they’re waterproof. We wrote about the dark and light motif’s of interior design in our bedroom section, and this is true as well for the bathroom. Choose whichever you feel most compliments the rest of the living quarters.

Wood paneling is still an option for the bathrooms, and if you went wood for the bedroom we recommend keeping with the pattern here. If you’re serious about using wood as a decoration you can actually use it in your bathroom. It’s just necessary for it to be treated and maintained. The wood can start to degrade with too much moisture still, so only do this if you’re comfortable keeping the majority of water off of the floor in your bathroom.

Modern tub with clear shower


We at elephant are partial to the tubs in metal barn living quarters, but just know that you should design your bathroom around the tub or shower rather than the other way around. A rustic and vintage theme can be gently elevated with the right tub. If you’re more partial to a shower, or are using a tub in a different bathroom in the home we have some recommendations as well. The opaque glass door is a staple in most homes, however, this large frame is a place for creativity in the design process. The foggy glass is traditional, but you could go for a rustic look with a large window pane, or a sliding barn door. Just make sure if you repurpose something that it’s waterproofed and treated.

If you do go with tub (good choice), than you should consider placing it in a nook for privacy and general aesthetic. Plans like this can give your home that unique personal touch that metal barn purchasers are striving to achieve in most cases. The bathroom is still a place to give your home a cozy and comfortable vibe.

washboard, tub, and clothes line pins

Final Touches

The cabinetry and storage that you use in your bathroom is another area for creativity that should be considered. If you go with floating shelves, we recommend accenting or matching the wood paneling or design of your walls. In some cases a clashing shelf can create an interesting look, but it’s safer and in most cases more pleasing to the eye to match it up. When you’re getting creative with your storage, don’t be afraid to repurpose barn items like buckets and baskets to store your bathroom things in. They generally match with the rustic appeal of the barn’s exterior. We wish you luck, and have fun!


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