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Metal barn in Greensboro NC

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A barn isn’t exactly something you can pick up at the estate sale down the road. Most people think that to get the exact barn that they want, they’ll have to commission it themselves. They go through the trouble of hiring a contractor and end up paying for the labor, the materials, and the inevitable delays in the construction process. That’s a lot of costs to add up. That’s a lot of hassle. Isn’t there an easier way?

Design a custom steel barn to meet your specifications and your budget on, and have your barn kit delivered and installed for free. All Elephant Structures offer free deliver and assembly included in the price of your order.  Get a personalized design without arguing with a contractor. Update a virtual model of your barn with all the features and that you’re looking for. Build as many designs as you like and get the perfect metal barn in Greensboro NC quickly, without the hassle and the cost of a construction job.

Design a Multifunctional Metal Barn for Work and Play

With so many parks and lakes in the Triad, it’s easy for Greensboro residents to live a fun, active lifestyle.  With so many outdoor opportunities in the area, it’s a good idea to buy a barn that’s versatile and multifunctional, able to house the vehicles that you use for work and play.  Elephant barns allows customers to design a barn for multiple uses, customizing the walls, doors, and garage entrances of each of the three sections of the barn.  Use one section of your barn for agriculture, and close off the other into a garage to set up a wood shop or to park your boat in the winter.  Your barn can be upgraded at any time, even 10 years down the road. The possibilities of what your barn can be are endless!

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