Make a Steel Garage Your Next Home Project

Owning a home can come with a long list of responsibilities. Perhaps one of the more overlooked yet important of these is maintaining or increasing the value of your property. Maintaining your home can be a relatively easy task that many people even come to enjoy. However, bettering your home in terms of property value can be a tricky investment. Lots of homeowners will look to add an addition as a way to up their home’s worth.

In reality, adding onto the structure of your home can become a monumental task. Costs can soar with each new problem encountered and living in a construction site can be a nightmare for some. Others may choose to build a detached guest home or garage to avoid living through buzzing saws and banging hammers.

Make a steel garage your next home building project.

Decisions, Decisions

If you’re looking to add a detached garage to your property, you’ve likely realized that there are quite a few more options out there than you may have expected. While a wood garage may be the traditional and popular choice, anybody looking to get more building for their money should definitely consider buying steel.

Wood has been the clear choice for builders for hundreds and hundreds of years. However, choosing to build with wood does present its own set of obstacles. Wood is far less sustainable than metal, as the majority of construction uses virgin wood rather than recycled materials. It is also more expensive and requires far more maintenance than metal in order to avoid wood rot, fungus, mold, fire, termites, or other insect infestations. Wood must also be stained or painted every few years to protect it from the elements and lengthen its longevity, further adding to the constant maintenance and upkeep.

Make the Smart Choice

Here at Elephant, all of our structures are made from recycled steel, making them much more versatile and affordable than traditional wood construction, sometimes as much as half the cost. Our garages and buildings are impervious to termites and fire, making them a durable, maintenance-free solution that will last for generations. Use our online builder to create and price your own custom steel garage or call us today. We will gladly walk you through the design and buying process so that you end up with the right building that fits all of your needs. Let us show you why a steel garage from Elephant is the perfect addition to your property.


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