Level Building Site

Is your building site level or does it need to be leveled?

Level building site

You are going through your check list to make sure you have everything lined up to get your new metal structure. You have your order placed, your permit pulled, and payment ready to go. Now what? In order for our installers to construct your metal building as efficiently as possible giving it the most stability your building site must be level!

If your site is NOT level do not panic; it can be off within 4″. It can also be dramatically off from SIDE to SIDE ONLY! If your building is shorter on one side than the other the legs can be cut to make it as level as possible. Keep in mind that the building can NOT be dramatically un-level from FRONT to BACK!

Having a structure on a site that is not level can sometimes hurt the structures integrity and cause run offs in the wrong places.

For more information about leveling your building give us a call at (888) 647-7198.


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