Kentucky Horse Barns

Where do you find the best Kentucky horse barns in derby country?

Kentucky Horse Barns

Elephant Structures will help you design a barn online with all the features that your horses need to be comfortable.

Nobody knows your horses like you do. You know how much room they need to sleep, the best system to feed, and what kind of weather you’ll need to protect them from. That’s why elephant structures lets you design a custom barn for your horses online. We hand you the reigns, letting you pick and choose the features of your barn from a long list of options. Build a two stall barn, a run-in shelter, or even a valley style long barn for a whole stable of horses. It’s easy with our custom Kentucky horse barns online builder.  Simply design a model barn to your liking, click order when you find an agreeable budget, and your barn will be delivered to your door in a matter of weeks. We’ll even throw in free installation and delivery in the price of your order! We’ve got the best deals, and the most versatile options on horse barns in Kentucky.

Here’s the short and sweet version the important features to keep in mind when designing a horse barn for the Kentucky weather.

  • Ventilation: Horses need fresh, clean air to remain healthy and strong. Design your barn with an open center to allow constant air flow. Put in windows in your horse stalls to provide a little more light and to further improve convection.  We have even more roofing options than we list on our website. Contact us with your specific needs, and hear about options for ventilated roofs and air ducts that will protect the health of your horses with clean air and comfortable temperatures.
  • Fire, Rot and Weather Safety: Steel is the strongest material for blocking out external forces like inclement weather and for preventing internal catastrophe like fire, rot and the spread of disease. Steel has an extremely high melting point, and will stand up in a fire for much longer than an aluminum building will. Bugs, mold, and rot can’t dig into a steel frame as they can with all wooden structures, weakening and destroying the integrity of the structure. Finally, our steel is triple sealed to resist corrosion, and all steel siding is easy to clean and disinfect with a bit of detergent and a garden hose.
  • Space: Get as much space as you need for maintenance, for chores and for your horses to lie down in.  With our custom online barn builder, you’ll be able to pick your dimensions and get as much space as you need.

The Penn State University website has many more details about what to consider when designing Kentucky horse barns.

For more information about designing Kentucky horse barns and to learn about our company, get in touch with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Feel free to ask questions or give us ideas for new articles. Elephant Barns is always happy to hear from fans and fellow equestrians.


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