Instant Barns: A Red Tradition

Instant Barns

Do you prefer a classic look or a modern feel to your barn? Add instant color to custom designed instant barns online to find out.

Why does everyone seem to choose red to color their barn? Well, choosing red is in line with a long tradition that some historians have traced back to the first American settlers while others bring it all the way back to the origins of our solar system. The theories about the establishment of the color red vary from economic reasons, red being the cheapest paint, to functional reasons, red paint being made from rust which wards off fungus and rot, and finally, to folk tales, such as stories of early farmers who mixed blood into their wood sealant to color it.  Keeping in line with the tradition, barn red is still one of the most popular colors for metal instant barns.

Elephant barns values tradition as well as individuality by letting you pick the colors of your barn. Whether or not you choose to go along with the red tradition when designing custom instant barns, we’ve got a rainbow of possibilities to choose from on our website.

Instant Barns: The Instant Colors of your Barn

Let’s talk about how your instant barn will look immediately after a quick install by our expert barn builders or even a DIY install (with a DIY discount!) by you.

Choose from 12 colors for instant barns: Barn Red, Beige, Black, Brown, Burgundy, Clay, Dark Gray, Forest Green, Gray, State Blue, Tan, and White.

Pick a separate color for all 8 wall segments, for your trim, and for your room. Design a classic look, barn red with white trimming, a modern look, a clay structure with dark gray trimming, or even a seasonal look, burgundy and forest green for Christmas.

Customize Instant barns Online

Not only do you get to customize the color of your instant barn, you have the opportunity to choose your exact dimensions, window placement, garage door placements, open air doorways, and gables.  Our instant barns are great for parties and special events, and fully functional for day-to-day farm life. Try out a custom design on!




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