Install a Vehicle Lift in Your Custom Steel Building

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits to buying a custom steel building is the versatility it offers. Practical and affordable, our buildings make the perfect workshop, storage building, auto garage, and so much more. Thanks to our sustainable materials and simple manufacturing process, we are able to provide you with a high-quality steel building at a fraction of the price to that of a comparable wood structure.

Install a vehicle lift in your custom steel building!

Put those savings to work and invest in something that many men dream of owning but few are lucky enough to – a home vehicle lift. Taking care of your vehicle is something we’ve talked about before. Invest your time and money now so you can avoid costly breakdowns and increase the longevity of your car. When you boil it down, it becomes very simple – take care of your investments, and they will take care of you. Owning a vehicle lift and having access to it in your own garage makes maintaining your own car much easier and more enjoyable. Rather than sprawling out all over your dirty and oily garage floor, you can simply press a button and have easy access to the underside of your vehicle. With such a useful and dependable tool, you can slash repair time and save thousands by avoiding the dreaded repair shop.

Raise Your Expectations

Our custom building tools make it easy to raise the roof height of your steel building to easily allow access for a lift. In the design process, it is important to keep a few things in mind if you are planning on installing a vehicle lift in your new steel building. For starters, almost all commercial lifts require they be placed on a concrete foundation for safety. Secondly, keep in mind any plans for ceiling lighting, as you may need additional height to ensure it will not interfere with any equipment or raised vehicles. Think about your height as well – you don’t want to be crouched down underneath a vehicle, but you also don’t want to be reaching up too high to complete your repairs. Comfort can be a much bigger factor than people think – if you can’t use your lift without breaking your back, it probably won’t get much use. A quality lift can cost more than $2,000 before installation, so be sure to measure twice and do all of your homework before finalizing any building designs or orders.

Maintain your vehicle at home with a custom steel building.

Buy Your Steel Building Today

Here at Elephant, we strive to offer an affordable and practical building solution to all home and business owners. Investing in yourself and your property today can pay dividends down the road. Call us first if you’re in the market for a custom steel building, barn, garage, carport, warehouse, or workshop. We have been in business for more than three decades and have the expertise to best assist you.

When it comes to spending thousands on a new steel building, make the smart decision. Buy from Elephant for proven quality and peace of mind.


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