Install a Fire Sprinkler System in Your Steel Barn

steel barns fire sprinkler system

We’ve spent a lot of time here comparing steel and wooden buildings. While history may favor wood as the preferred building material, there are a few obvious reasons as to why steel is the superior material.

Comparing Apples to Oranges

For starters, steel is not susceptible to insects and other pests like termites that can infest a wooden building and compromise its structure. It can be easily recycled and is more sustainable. Clear cutting forests to feed the lumber supply is incredibly harmful for both wildlife and a region’s ecology. Steel is also much more impervious to fire damage. Wooden barns and garages can easily ignite if a fire starts inside the building, and these fires can easily spread to your home or other property.

We have talked time and time again about how wooden building fires can easily ignite and spread, causing millions in property damage and endangering lives. There are a few steps you can take to keep your barn or garage from going up in smoke, especially in the event of a nearby wildfire. One step that may seem extreme but is sure to help in the event of a fire is to install a fire sprinkler system into your metal barn or garage. This extra precaution could save your property and diminish the risk of fire altogether.

Take Fire Safety Into Your Own Hands

Luckily, installing a home fire sprinkler system in one of our steel barns or garages is far easier than you might think. The premise of a sprinkler system is simple: a water line (connected to the city or another source) is run through the walls and to the ceiling, where the water flow is mitigated by a series of nozzles. These nozzles usually activate with a wax trigger that melts when the room reaches a certain temperature and releases the water, suppressing the blaze before it can ignite the building. Other systems may use electronic sensors that measure air temperature or detect smoke in the air.

Before beginning any project on your custom metal barn or garage, we always suggest consulting a professional and speaking with the local government in regards to any building codes or zoning restrictions, especially projects involving city utilities like water or power.

Steel Barns and Garages from Elephant

Here at Elephant Barns, we have spent decades designing and manufacturing custom steel barns, garages, and other high-quality structures. We have the resources and expertise to help you design and construct the ideal building for your home or property. Free delivery and installation on every custom steel barn or garage means that your new building is even more affordable. Call today for more information and to speak with one of our expert representatives.


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