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Hunger Action Month- Ending Hunger in America

September is Hunger Action Month in America.  Hunger Action Month is a promotion to boost awareness and encourage others to help end hunger in the United States.  At Elephant Barns we want to do our part by educating our followers about hunger in America and rally people across the country to take action.

Hunger Action Awareness in America

Hunger Action Awareness- Who Does Hunger Affect?

The Hunger Action campaign points out a common misconception that hunger in America is predominately based in demographic groups like the homeless or those in poverty.  In fact, only 10% of those considered “hungry” in the US are homeless and 36% of affected households have at least one working adult supporting the family.

Another misconception is that to be considered hungry, an individual will be underweight and actually appear starved.  This is not the case.  While people in America have more access to food than other impoverished nations, the nutritional value combined with the consistency in which they receive this proper nutrition makes all the difference.  Those considered hungry in America may go days without a meal. When they do get a meal it only makes them feel full but provides little to no nutritional restoration.

Hunger Action awareness points out many groups affected by hunger in the United States.

Children are one of the major groups affected by hunger.  When children do not receive proper nutrition or consistent meals it affects their development.  It can cause their physical and cerebral growth to be stunted.  It can also cause cognitive and behavioral development issues, damaging their foundation for healthy growth and learning in school and eventually the workplace.

Seniors are another major group affected by hunger.  Many seniors have special dietary requirements to maintain their health and medical needs.  Studies have shown while some seniors have the financial means to meet their nutritional needs they often lack other resources for preparing food due to lack of transportation, functional limitations, or health problems.

Hunger affects many other groups as well such as minority groups and even working adults.  Hunger comes in all shapes and forms and is dependent on an individuals needs.  As we can see, groups such as children and seniors have different needs and barriers to providing themselves with proper nutrition.  Hunger Action Month is designed to shed light on the different needs of hungry individuals in America and educate people on ways they can help.

How can we help?

Make it Orange

Hunger Action Month says “Let’s turn the nation orange!”  The color of the Hunger Action campaign is ORANGE so wear orange, change your social media profiles to orange and make sure to tell others why you’ve done so.

Write Your Congressman

Contact your Congressman and ask him to support a local food bank.  Feeding America has a goal to get every member of Congress to visit a food bank in 2013.


Take yourself to your local food bank and volunteer.  Who knows, maybe you’ll run into your Congressman while you’re there!

SNAP Challenge

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program budgets $4.50 a day.  We challenge you to eat on $4.50 a day and share your experience with friends and family.


Hunger Action Month is great but doesn’t cover the other 11 months of the year.  Donate a monetary contribution or your time to the organization of your choice.

Elephant barns challenges you to give back to your community in support of Hunger Action Month.  Whether its a monetary contribution or just helping to raise awareness, you can make a difference.  Join us in the Hunger Action awareness campaign and do your part today.





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