How to Use The Online Builder To Customize Your Barn

Navigating Build a Barn

This tutorial is designed to give you a step-by-step walkthrough of our website’s Build a Barn feature. Build a Barn is a tool that allows you to virtually customize your metal barn. Once you understand how to use it, Build a Barn is a very user-friendly feature that gives you a visual representation of what your barn will look like once it is assembled. It also gives you the exact price of your barn. To access this feature, click here.

Zipcode and Personal Information


Once you are on the Build a Barn page, a window should appear asking for your name, email address, zipcode, and phone number. If you have a Facebook, you can sign in with your username. Be sure to type in your zipcode as that will determine the price of your barn.

Barn Picture and Price


After you enter your personal information and zipcode, the Build a Barn page should be accessible. Your total price will appear on the left side of the page. A picture of your barn will appear on the right. Below this picture of the barn is a series of guided steps. As you go through each step, the picture and price will change according to the preferences you select.

Step One: Select a Barn Design


The first step is to select a barn design. What kind of roof frame do you want your barn to have? There are three options: County, Ridgeline, and Valley. The specifications for each option are listed underneath the option’s icon. Click the icon for the option you prefer.

Step Two: Roof and Frame


In this step you will select the roof color, frame gauge, and whether you want a certified or non-certified structure. First, choose the colors you prefer for your roof and trim (the trim is the outer-edge of your roof). Then, choose a frame gauge. The frame gauge determines the overall strength of your structure. You have the option between 12 and 14 gauge- 12 gauge being the strongest. Finally, you can opt to have your barn certified or non-certified. Certified barns are more withstanding against heavy snow and high wind speeds. Building permits require your barn to be certified.

Step Three: Size


Step 3 is where you set your dimensions. Click the arrows to increase or decrease your width, length, and height. The height you choose will be the centermost, peak height. The left and right wall heights will be 3 feet less than your peak.

Step Four: Walls


You can choose to leave your structure completely open, fully enclosed, or partially closed. This step includes an interactive floorplan. Click each wall on the floorplan to customize it. Each wall includes a set of options:

North and South Facing Walls:

Three wall types may be installed on these faces: open, closed, or gable.


Steel sheets run vertically or horizontally.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 12.20.13 PM

12 different colors are available.


If you opt for a closed wall, then you may add a framed opening, garage door, walk-in, or window.


Interior, East, and West Facing Walls:

These faces offer all of the same features except for the wall types. Four wall types may be installed on these faces: open, closed, top, or bottom.



Step Five: Options

Step five asks you to choose between auger anchors and standard anchoring. Auger anchors are recommended for dirt, ground, or gravel, and may be needed to satisfy building codes in your region. Step five also asks whether you want to install the structure yourself or opt for free manufacturer installation. If you decide to do self-installation, we will offer you a 5% discount on your entire purchase.




Step Six: Review11

You’re finished! Step six lets you look over your dimensions one last time. You can also click the share button below. This allows you to copy and paste your Build ID link via email. This is convenient when trying to save your custom building instead of having to go through the entire process again later when you are ready to order.



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