How to Prevent Barn Fires in Your Metal Barn

Wood barns are susceptible to fires. Everyone knows this, and everyone is also aware of the fact that an old barn goes up in flames quick. The fire can also be so hot that even the metal tools or mechanisms stored inside the wood barn can be completely burnt away as well. It’s terribly unfortunate whenever a barn is completely destroyed by a fire. The devastation can haunt a family for lifetimes. The several stories within our blog on the tragedies of lost livestock and the imperative to prepare for these instances illustrate some of the aftermath, but it remains an experience no one should have to go through. This is why we always stress the importance of purchasing a metal barn. Metal barns are not completely incapable of catching on fire, but they are highly flame resistant. There’s still more you can do however to prevent your metal barn from catching on fire, or even the utensils within your barn. Here are some preventative measures you can take in order to give yourself even more peace of mind than you would gain from simply buying a metal barn over a wooden one. 


Always Take Care of Your Hay Bales

One of the driest substances found in a barn is usually the hay bales. The heat can dry out hay bales inside of a barn extremely quickly. Some sources say a hay bale can combust in “150 degrees” Fahrenheit. The high moisture content within a hay stack has the potential to create enough heat to combust and cause a devastating barn fire. What’s more, a hay stack only needs to reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit to create a fire risk. The hay can actually combust and catch fire inside of the hay bale. When that happens the flames spread rapidly. It’s important to ensure that the hay is properly ventilated and not baled too tightly. 


Manage Your Cords Carefully and Appropriately

Most people that perform labor on a farm or any sort of outside labor in general are guilty of using extension cords that should probably be retired. Extension cords aren’t terribly expensive, especially for the longevity. When it comes to risk reward ratio, a buying a new $20 dollar extension cord is worth the contents of your barn or the lives of your animals. Mismanaged or damaged cords are a huge risk involved in barn fires. 

Pay a Professional to Wire Your Electricity in your Metal Barn

Piggybacking off of the cord management tip, always pay a professional to wire your electricityElectricity can seem simple to someone with a little experience. But small and relatively common electric wiring malfuncation can result in an immensely disastrous fires. 

Keep The Important Fixtures Clean

When owning a barn, it’s easy to accept the dirt and grime that builds up in a relatively open building as part of the structure.   However, dirt and build-up can cause dried out areas to become essentially kindling in the case of an incident. Reducing the amount of dirt can help keep your machinery, fixtures, and appliances from malfunctioning. 



Install Extinguishers in Your Barn In Case of Emergency

Installing multiple fire extinguishers can help you mitigate a dangerous situation from escalating. In case of a fire, hay can go up quick, especially if they’re in close proximity to one another. Certain organizations recommend installing several fire extinguishers every thirty or so feet. This is because it may be impossible to get to your fire extinguisher because of the fire. With one available in every corner it’s possible to nearly guarantee the reduction of a fire immediately. 


The Best Way To Protect Your Livelihood is by storing it in a Metal Barn

There are measures you can take to prevent your buildings from succumbing to fires, but one of the best solutions is to invest in one of our high-quality metal barns. Our buildings are maintenance-free, nearly indestructible, and are designed and built to last for generations. We offer a wide selection of custom metal barns, carports, garages, and workshops to make it easy to create the perfect building for your home or business. For more information or to speak with one of our expert representatives, call us today. With available financing and free delivery and installation, a custom metal barn from Elephant is the most affordable and versatile building choice.


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