How to Get a Barn

We Make Purchasing a Barn Easy

How to get a barn that's affordable, that's durable, that's useful, that's good looking...

Getting a barn is just a few clicks away!

“How to get a barn?!” Can sound like a question you ask during a mental breakdown. It can be a long, complicated process if you’re not prepared. And the expenses add up, hiring contractors, monitoring the builders so they don’t run off to Tijuana, setting the foundation, buying the materials, buying the building permits, scheduling the labor, rescheduling the labor when it rains… Phew

“Well, barns don’t grow on trees. My perfect barn won’t just roll up my driveway and assemble itself in a matter of days- wait, what? An Elephant barn will do just that?”

The delivery boys from Elephant Barns will show up at your house within weeks of your custom order with a barn in the back of their truck. They’ll unload the parts direct from our factory and anchor it into the ground where-ever you like. All of our barns are custom designed according to a plan that you submit online. We’ll send you blueprints, plans and everything you need to apply for building permits. We’ll even  recommend options like insulation and automatic garage doors depending on what you want to use your barn for.  Elephant Barns has got easy answers to “How to get a barn?” and whatever questions may follow.

“Well, I’ll save on labor and parts by building a barn myself. But, wait, considering the time it would take me, how much will I actually save?”

Want to assemble a barn with your own crew?  No problem, our barn kits come with easy assembly instructions and a DIY discount. Get the satisfaction of building the barn yourself with the price tag and quality assurance that comes with our steel barn kits. Our customer service representatives will be on call to help you during the process, so you can be sure to get every nut and bolt secured in the right spot whether you’re a novice construction worker or an expert.

Elephant barns are affordable, and we’ve got many options for discounts. Sign up for promotions and check out today’s deals. For more money saving tips on how to get a barn, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!



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