How to Design and Price Your Barn

With Elephant Barns’ Builder, you can customize your barn based on the local pricing for your area. The price you receive from our render includes free delivery and installation.

Design & Price A Metal Barn… See How Simple It Is

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Where to Begin

When you first arrive at our website, click on the get price tab on the top row of the website. This will take you to the builder, where you can begin customizing your building. Select the zip code link, and input your zip code for instant local pricing. You’ll have three different styles available, the County, the Ridgeline, and the Valley. The County Barn is our lowest tiered building with rounded eaves. The Ridgeline Barn looks like most barns you see these days, with a traditional roof and panels that close the raised center section. The Valley barn is the top tier structure we offer, with a uniform slope to the lean-to’s. After your style has been chosen, you can choose the color of your roofing and trim. All colors you select will show immediately in the render. You can go back at any time in the customization process and alter any of these selections in case you change your mind. In this tab, you can also choose your frame gauge and certification. Certification is necessary if a building permit is required in your location.

More Metal Barn Design Options

Once you decide style, color, and gauge, you next have to choose your dimensions. The dimensions are split between your base structure and two bays in the form of width, length, and height. Lean-to’s are locked at 12′ wide, but the base structure width can be changed. Your roof length is how long the structure is from end to end, with typically a 1′ overhang. If you want to purchase a 20′ side wall, select 21′, as the 1′ length will compensate for your foundation being flush. Your height is the measurement from the ground to the eave of your structure. The lean-to height will adjust accordingly, and be notated in the respective table.

Customizing Your Barn’s Walls

Next, you have the wall selection tab. Each wall can be customized by first clicking on the wall section, and then selecting what type of wall you want from the possible buttons. Open, Closed, or Gable are the three selections, and orientation comes in default horizontal and at extra cost vertical. The vertical paneling is orientated vertically, and due to the overlap created by the panels, it is stronger. Each wall can be customized to whatever you desire, including color. The lean-to’s are just as customizable as the center building, and can be closed or open at any combination. The lean-to’s are commonly used for a plethora of reasons, including vehicles, boats, RV storage, or lawn equipment. Are barns have also been used to compartmentalize for livestock. If you do not close a wall, you won’t get the next section, doors and windows. The doors come in different sizes, and after market doors can be purchased for frame-outs, and windows from another manufacturer. Auger anchors are our high wind anchor option, and can be purchased to add extra stability to your building. With certification, no purchase of auger anchors is necessary, because they are automatically included!

Metal Building Insallation & Delviery

Installation and delivery are included with every building, but self-install is an option. If you’ve gone back through your building and made sure everything is in order to your liking, you’re ready to click Buy Now and pay your deposit. The balance is due upon delivery and installation, as well as your foundation whatever it may be, as long as it’s level. Any surface is alright for installation, including dirt, gravel, asphalt, and concrete. Concrete pads are always recommended, as it eliminates several possibilities that may jeopardize the longevity of your building in severe weather scenarios. Shop online today at by Elephant Structures, or call for help, we have experienced building advisors ready to take your call. Get hassle free metal barn pricing today!


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