How Metal Barns Deal With Mold

If you live in a humid area, or have recently moved to one you’ve seen it. Perhaps in a run down house or even in your very own. It’s sneaky, silent, and far to quick to insidious to not be evil. Yet it feels nothing. The creeping black substance slithering it’s way up the wall or down from the corner. The grey and brown murky creature that seems to symbolize decay all to succinctly. Mold!

Mold is a fungi that thrives in moisture. If you leave a humid area to it’s own devices any bio-degradable substance or object will be riddled with mold in a shockingly short amount of time. The reason why mold seems to be so pervasive is that it is literally everywhere. It’s small enough that it seeks out the moisture in the air and follows the current to places in which the moisture coalesces. Think of it as extremely small rivers going through the air that all lead to the ocean of the most humid area of your home, carrying little pirates each on their own individual boat. When they reach something they want to eat they grow like wildfire. Covering your wall, old clothes, books, etc.

If that was all there was to it, mold would certainly already be poor company. Unfortunately, there’s considerable health risks also involved with mold. You’re not only losing your leather winter boots you stored away in your basement closet, you’re also getting sick or possibly extremely ill. Mold is no small problem to those with allergies as well, it can completely compromise your respiratory system leading to breathing problems and extensive trouble sleeping. It can get better in winter months, but these days even the winter seems to be warm enough to harbor mold in most areas of the United States. Regardless, mold can ravage your home, business and health. Even if you think the area in question is safe from mold, all that’s required for mold to spread is a small amount of moisture and poor ventilation.


The last hurrah of mold difficulties is without a doubt the extensive removal process. Mold can’t simply be cleaned. It must be fully removed from the premises, and if extensive enough it can require professional assistance. It can end up costing you thousands of dollars to be rid of the infestation, and it will be a rigorously difficult process to deal with. The best way to mitigate mold is to simply prevent it altogether.

The area in which mold is the most common of a residence is usually the storage areas. They aren’t frequently accessed. This can be your garage, your basement, attic, or any area where you have poor ventilation due to objects blocking airflow. The bathroom is also a culprit simply do to the amount of moisture in the air after showering, sinks, and plumbing. If you’re looking to get a storage area invulnerable to mold, your best bet is a metal barn. The steel structure is the best option for preventing mold do to it’s lack of organic matter within it’s composition.

Buying an Elephant Metal Barn to Prevent Mold

Metal building Ridgeline barn with fully enclosed lean to's and many windows.


Elephant Barns is the ultimate manufacturer of metal buildings in the United States of America. Our steel is top of the line, and our buildings are all manufactured in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Whether you’re rich or poor, old or young, we’ve got a building that can help you prevent mold on your belongings and in your home. Our buildings can be customized with frame-outs in which you can input garage doors after market or at the time of installation. We have windows that can be installed as depicted in the featured photo of the barn on the top of this paragraph. Air flow is not a problem, and neither is steel. If you live in a humid area, or an area that is prone to humidity in the summer months then mold will be a problem. It’s best to look ahead instead of look back, and go with your future by buying a metal barn from Elephant Barns. You’re maintenance costs will be next to nothing for the foreseeable few decades. Dingy, dark, destitute corners of the storage room riddled with mold begone!



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