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Horse Barn Cost by Elephant Structures

Horse Barn Cost from Elephant Barns will Benefit You!


Horse health can be maintained with a metal barn from Elephant Barns. Cut down on horse barn cost and learn basic horse care tips from Elephant Structures!Lower Horse Barn Cost with our Metal Barn - County Style

If you’re a horse owner, or looking to buy a horse, it’s important to understand your equine friend’s basic needs. At Elephant Barns, we understand that a horse is more than just a pet. A horse is a loyal, lifelong friend, who loves and trusts you, and your horse barn cost shouldn’t set you back. We have a few basic guidelines for caring for your horse and maintaining horse health, and a few reasons why a steel horse barn from Elephant Barns is the perfect way to show your horse you care, while keeping your horse barn cost convenient and pain-free. As always, it is important to consult your veterinarian for proper horse care techniques.

First is your horse’s nutritional needs. Your horse requires fresh, clean water and good-quality hay on hand at all times. Hay of poor quality tends to be subject to mold and dust, which can severely affect a horse’s health. A good diet, coupled with exercise, and life within a barn with low horse barn cost is key for your horse’s long, healthy life.

An unclean horse stall is another invitation for health problems. Your horse is subjected to air that is heavy with ammonia, and regularly treading waste can create hoof problems such as thrush. Regularly cleaning the horse stall, as well as the horse itself, can prevent these issues from occurring. A metal barn from Elephant Barns makes cleaning super easy while lowering your horse barn cost.

In the time between cleanings, your horse still has to breathe in the barn air. Proper ventilation can be achieved through windows creating a cross-breeze, bringing in fresh air for your equine friend. Outfit your metal barn with a couple windows; your horse will thank you, and your horse barn cost will remain within your means.

Our low horse barn cost give your wallet a breather. We love making the strongest horse barns available while offering our horse barn cost very low. Our horse barn cost provides you with the added benefit to keep your horses healthy and secure.

Even in the wintertime, clean air is important for your horse. An open window will invite the cold air inside, but a blanket can battle the chill. However, not all horses can benefit from a blanket, especially those not used to being blanketed. An experienced horse hand can decide when it is proper to blanket a horse, and what kind of blanket should be used.

An emergency kit can provide you with important first aid essentials. Gauze, wraps, cold packs, towels, tweezers, Epsom salts, hoof picks, antiseptics, and a thermometer are a good place to start. Cutters can be useful in freeing your horse in case of entanglement. Pre-packaged first aid kits may omit some essential items. The best idea is to check with an experienced horse hand to learn what you might need. Otherwise, leave all major injuries for your veterinarian. If your horse barn cost is low and efficient, you can save money to provide your horses with the healthcare they need.

If you’re looking to buy a barn for your horse, there are a few crucial options to consider. Your horse barn cost should be efficient, providing for a safe, durable structure to house your loyal friends.

The benefits of a metal barn are endless. A low horse barn cost can help you save money to care for your horses. Metal barns from Elephant Barns can be constructed with 12 or 14 gauge framing, and provide increased protection for your horse against harsh weather conditions. Additionally, our metal barns are fully customizable, providing you with room for your tack and feed storage, and optional windows for cross-ventilation. Wooden barns are an increased fire risk, and subject to termites and rot. Start lowering your horse barn cost and design a metal barn that will last through the ages.


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