Goat Barn for the Winter

Goat Barn Winter

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Keep your dairy goats from shivering in the snow with an Affordable Winter Goat Barn from Elephant Structures

With freezing temperatures on their way, it’s time to prepare your goat barn for the winter weather. While goats are fairly resilient creatures and can keep warm in below zero temperatures by the virtues of their undercoats and by huddling together with their brethren, it’s important to have the preparations to keep these cheerful social animals comfortable and healthy all winter long.

  • A substantial diet of salt and mineral licks, along with round bales of nutritious hay are a necessary fixture in a winter goat barn.  One bale of hay can last several goats for almost a month, but make sure the hay bale is contained and blocked off so no one climbs on and ruins it.
  • Access to electricity is essential if you’re expecting a winter birth, or if new kids haven’t yet developed enough to grow a substantial under layer of fur like their adult parents. You’ll need to plug in heating lamps or space heaters to keep these kids warm. In addition, knitted sweaters or dog sweaters bought from a pet store also provide an extra layer to keep these younger animals comfortable. Make sure to install all electric outlets and heaters in a place that won’t be a fire hazard.
  • Goats often like to sleep or sit off the ground on wooden pallets. Make sure you have these spaces available in warm spots and that you build them wide enough to support a few goats, as they like to lie together for warmth. Bad them with hay or some other kind of warm bedding to keep them insulated and appealingly warm.
  • Electric outlets also come in handy for keeping drinking water accessible to your animals. A specialized water heater, available from many livestock suppliers, prevent water buckets or troughs from freezing. Without one of these, water will have to be changed several times a day. You’ll be spending a lot of time running outside to the goat barn with a kettle of boiling water to free up a space for the goats to drink.   It’s better to devise a way to keep water and food from freezing.

For more details about goat care, read straight from the source: a dairy farmer’s advice on protecting a goat barn for winter in the Ozarks.

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