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Elephant Barns has been around the block a time or two…or should we say, around the field? We understand the needs of rural living, is what we’re trying to say. One thing that everyone needs is a barn. Free standing barns are a staple in rural (and even suburban!) living. And not just any free standing barn. You need a barn that can offer the highest protection and withstand the harsh environment. When it comes to free standing barns, quality construction is key.

We’ve got quality free standing barns. Elephant free standing barns

Free Standing Barns Available for Delivery

An Elephant Barns free standing barn makes a happy horse on a hot day!

An Elephant Barns free standing barn makes a happy horse on a hot day!


What does that mean for your building?

Your barn will be designed by you, to suit your specific style and needs. It will be delivered for free. And you know what else? It will be installed for free. Our barn installers are experienced and dedicated to bringing you the strongest barn you could ask for–so we always recommend you take advantage of the free installation! It’s the best way to unleash your barn’s fullest potential.

Free standing barns have a variety of uses, from storing lawn, farm, and auto equipment, storing feed, seed, harvest, and hay, and even serving horse owners as horse barns or run-in shelters!

Here are a number of reasons why Elephant Barns is the most favored choice for metal barns:

  • Quality construction
  • High-end components
  • Dedication to customer satisfaction
  • Friendly customer service
  • Willingness and desire to improve
  • FREE delivery
  • FREE installation!

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Head over to our amazing website and play with our online builder to design your very own free standing barn. Then call or check out or online Chat feature to see how to make your barn creation into a reality! “Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and check us out on Google Plus.


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