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How to Finance a Barn

Finance a Barn

Of the three main ways to finance a barn, the best way is to find an affordable product from a company you trust.

The three main ways to finance are:

  1. Apply for a farm grant.  Grants are a great opportunities for rookie and expert farmers alike, with the only downside being that competition is tough and that some farms may not meet the criteria. It’s worth browsing through USDA government grants since they reach out to various farmers, helping socially disadvantaged farmers and small businesses to finance a barn. Talk to your local department of agriculture for more information about grants specific to your region.
  2. Apply for a bank loan. This is likely the least desirable of the three options, but could work for a farmer or rancher who is well established. For the small-time rancher or farmer looking to expand his/her trade, however, a debt like this can hurt the development of your farm and impact your future success. Don’t worry, there are still another options available to you!
  3. Talk to a reliable company that won’t overcharge you and that will help you come up with a plan to pay out of pocket. At Elephant Structures, we’re upfront with the affordable price of your barn, updating the price instantly as you design your barn with our Build ID application. Free delivery and installation is included in the price you see online. We let you try out as many designs and features as you like, and when you’re ready to order, we only ask for a 10% down payment on your barn. Our steel barns are highly affordable compared to our wooden competitor, not to mention that certified steel structures are guaranteed to be a durable investment with a 20 year corrosion warranty.  Also, consider signing up for our promotions that help.

For additional details about loans and grants, see this article from The Nest about budgeting.

We manufacture all our steel structures to be affordable, lasting investments. If you have questions or comments on how to finance a barn, get in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter., or call us toll free (888-332-4238).




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