Unique Multifunctional Designs from Elephant Structures

Our metal barns are highly versatile, providing space for hay bale storage, tractor parking, trailer storage, RV parking, horse stables, and livestock shelters. All elephant barns are designed by Elephant Structure’s customers. Design your barn from the frame up using our virtual barn builder.  Here’s a few pictures of custom designs that are manufactured and delivered only weeks after they were designed online.

Farm Barns Storage:

Our storage farm barns provide three tiers of customizable space to park your equipment and to set up shop.

Storage Barn

For tractor trailers, agriculture equipment, and even RVs.  You can even turn your elephant barn into a three car garage, with options for automatic garage door openers.









Hay Bale Barn Shelter:

Build a barn for outdoor hay bale storage.

Hay Bale Barn Storage

An open faced hay storage barn must be designed with the opening of the outdoor barn strategically placed to avoid direct wind.  Elephant barns can be positioned in any way you want, anchored right into the soil, and our expert barn team will be happy to provide advice on how and where to place your barn for optimum functionality.










Horse Barn:

Our horse barns provide three tiers of space to be adjusted to your and your horse’s liking.

Horse Barn

A horse barn design with a county roof to provide shade, ventilation, and spacious stalls for horses.










Livestock Barns

We build Livestock barns for industrial size farms and for small operations.

Farm Barns Livestock Barn

We build livestock barns big and small to shelter and feed cattle, chickens, turkeys, and even llamas.









All sorts of Farm Barns are available from Elephant Structures, customized online and delivered to your doorstep. To learn more about our company, and to see more of our barn designs, get in touch with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.



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