Steel vs Aluminum for

Pre Engineered Barns


Engineered Barns from Elephant Barns are Steel Strong

Engineered barns designed to hold up to wind, rain, hail, and heavy snow.

The argument between steel and aluminum engineered barns is a debate that’s nearly 100 years old, but we at Elephant Structures can confidently say, as we have for years, that on a value for price scale, steel beats aluminum by a long shot. We chose steel for our engineered barns and structures because we wanted to provide our customers with the most durable, reliable products, and that just wouldn’t be possible with aluminum.

Our steel siding is double sealed, so that even if you happen to scratch or damage the exterior, the scratched metal will still function as rust resistant.  Our process of galvanizing the exterior, coating the interior with a rust resistant mineral, and coating the outside again with an extra layer of sealant ensures protection from corrosion even in the most humid areas of the country. Steel siding also retains its color much better than aluminum does, is resistant to house fire (aluminum is NOT), and resists damage from rodents and insects. For all these reasons, steel is a much more durable deal when you’re purchasing engineered barns.

When Certified, Engineered Barns from Elephant Structures will Endure Winds Over 130mph!

Steel resists crazy winds. Don’t worry that it’s heavy- the weight will come in handy during a hurricane.  The only pro that aluminum has over steel is that it’s a lighter, flimsier material. Yes, this means that a strong thunderstorm could take down your aluminum structure. Sure, it’s cheaper to buy a sheet of aluminum, but is it really worth buying cheap material if the roof will blow off? Steel sheeting in engineered barns absolutely protects your valuables from hail, rain, and heavy snow loads.  With the weather changing so dramatically across the US, we think it’s important to provide engineered barns that are prepared for a little windstorm.

Many of the arguments against steel boils down to the fact that it’s thicker and heavier than aluminum (Thank God!). Since you may be used to steel’s cumbersome connotations, you might be surprised to know that all Elephant Barns can be self assembled. This isn’t just an option that we offer to Hercules or He-man; any one of our customers with two arms and two legs can set up an Elephant Barn. We’ll package and deliver a barn’s worth of steel to you with instructions and a guarantee that you’ll be able to assemble the entire thing.  You’ll also receive a discount if you choose to self-install your barn, which you can consider as a “cheers” from us to your industrious nature.  And if you have trouble following the assembly instructions for engineered barns (hang in there, we’ve all had mental breakdowns over IKEA furniture at some point in our lives…), our experts will be on call to help you. And if you need and extra hand, we’ll send our delivery boys right back to you. They’re no just delivery boys, they’re expert installers of our engineered barns.

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Check out the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors website for more favorable facts about why steel is so popular for engineered barns.

If you’d like to share more facts about steel or want to inquire about designing an Elephant Barns durable structure, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!


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