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Elephant Structures provides you with a safe solution for keeping your investments covered.  Elephant Barns provides you with your customized style barn.  Choose from our Country Barn, Ridgeline Barn, or Valley Barn to house your belongings.  The Country Barn uses a regular roof style and is perfect for a horse barn. When storing your investments in the Elephant Structures Country Barn you can be sure that your belongings will be kept safe and sound.

Elephant Structures

Elephant Structures RV Cover keeps you dry!

Our Ridgeline Barn provides an excellent solution for your new woodworking show, motorcycle storage, vehicle storage or tractor storage.  The Ridgeline Barn from Elephant Structures comes standard with an a-frame roof style that can be upgraded to a vertical roof which is recommended on roof lengths over 36″.  Our most popular barn from Elephant Barns is the Ridgeline Barn. It’s classic barn style look gives it aesthetic appeal that you can’t beat!
Elephant Structures

The Ridgeline Barn from Elephant Structures provides a safe RV cover to keep your RV protected.  It can be a challenge to keep the weathering elements from hitting your RV, our RV cover from Elephant Barns provides the perfect RV cover solution. Tall enough to store an RV and strong enough to keep it safe from snow and debris.  When logs, and limbs fall down in harsh storms you can be sure that your RV will remain safe and protected. You can customize your Elephant Structures RV cover to be certified to meet or exceed wind and snow loads.

Keep your RV happy with an RV Cover from Elephant Structures!

Elephant Structures barns come standard with a matching screw color so your barn will have a uniform look.  The matching screw color blends in with the exterior to make your new Elephant Structures barn look the same all-around.

Our Valley Barns, often called a Seneca Barn, uses a vertical roof style that is great for larger buildings.  The Valley Barn from Elephant Barns provides a safe storage space for your investments.  Customize your Valley Barn to house your livestock or animals.  No matter what type of animals you have, you can keep them safe and protected with a Valley Barn from Elephant Structures.


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