While our metal barns cannot be used for all applications, our customers have used our adopted out steel barns for a variety of Steel Barn - County Stylefarm uses:

Stables and Horse Barns
Bank barn
Carriage house/Cart Shed
Combination barn — found throughout England, especially in areas of pastoral farming
Dutch barn
English barn
Granary — to store grain
Linhay — to store hay on the first floor with either cattle on the ground floor (cattle linhay), or farm machinery (cart linhay). Characterized by an open front barn with regularly spaced posts or pillars.
Longhouse barn — an ancient form of cattle building, with the same entrance for people as well
Pole barn — a simple structure that consists of poles embedded in the ground to support a roof, with or without walls. The pole barn lacks a conventional foundation, thus greatly reducing construction costs. Traditionally used to house livestock, hay or equipment.
Shelter sheds — open-fronted structures for stock
Stable Barn — the historical building had a hayloft on the first floor and a pitching door at the front. After the barn, this is typically historically the second oldest building on the farm.
Tobacco barn — We are headquartered in North Carolina, and with only slight modifications after installation our customers find that our steel barns are an efficient way to add more storage and drying capacity.
Threshing barn — for the processing and storage of cereals, to keep them in dry conditions. Characterized by large double doors in the center of one side, a smaller one on the other, and storage for cereal harvest or unprocessed on either side. In England the grain was beaten from the crop by flails and then separated from the husks by winnowing between these doors.

While this is just a small sample of uses for our steel barns for uses on a farm or in an agricultural environment, the list of possible uses for quality steel barns is almost limitless!

Give Elephant Barns a call today and we will be happy to help get you started on finding the perfect steel barn for your use!


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