Elephant Barns Reviews: Barn Yarns

Elephant Barns Reviews

Elephant Barns Reviews

Here’s a experience sent direct from an Elephant Barns’ customer that bought a barn after scanning through our online reviews.  His barn yarn is a tale that many have told. The struggle of finding a barn that functions for all your needs. Luckily for these barn shoppers, all their stories to seem to have found a happy ending in an Elephant Barn.

Elephant Barn Reviews: Wayne G. in Weston, WV

Looking for a new barn for my property in West Virginia when I happened across an Elephant Barn review so I decided I’d like to help out someone else… Elephant Barns was great to work with. I built my barn online and spoke to a very helpful sales representative who answered all my questions.  I was able to have it installed directly onto the ground with just leveling the dirt.  It’s a great cover for both my extra vehicle and my tractor.  It feels stronger than I thought it would be and the red metal roof with white trim looks great on my property.  If you’re in the market for a barn or storage building I’d highly recommend Elephant Barns.

Their sales team knows barns and so do their installers.  They had the building up in no time flat… they were busy when I ordered, but it was worth the wait! Thanks Elephant.

Structure and Installation Rating: 96%

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