Elephant Barn Kits

Elephant Barn Kits

Elephant Barns provides great customer service, letting anyone customize their barn online on our website. An Elephant Barn never forgets!

What kind of barn kit does Elephant Barns let you customize online? No, not these elephant barn kits- these elephant barn kits.

Some of the cynics out there may ask. “You provide barns for farmers, ranchers, and private residencies. It’s not like you sell barns for elephants or anything. So why are you associated with elephants in the first place, huh?”

Elephant Barn Kits Marketing Insights: Why Choose an Elephant for a Company Name and Logo?

There’s a lot of good reasons to be associated with elephants, starting with the facts that they’re smart, tall, and social. We’ve compiled a few specific comparisons to explain why we choose elephants to represent us (in hope that you’ll choose elephant structures to represent you!).

  • Strength:  An Asian Elephant can lift anywhere from 300-500kg (that’s 661-1102 lbs!). Likewise Elephant Barn Kits will stand up to wind, rain, and sleet for years to come. A certified structure will resist 130 mph winds or greater.
  • Tough Exterior: Elephant’s skin can be an inch thick in some places!  Likewise, Elephant Barn Kits are made from thick steel. Upgrade our standard 14 gauge steel to 12 gauge to have the toughest exterior.  Even the paint on our barns is guaranteed tough. Our paint provides an extra layer of corrosion resistant sealant to reinforce the galvanized steel beams and siding, and even if you manage to scratch it, the other two layers of rust-resistant sealants will prevent your barn from weakening. The paint for our elephant barn kits is guaranteed not to flake, peel, or chip for 3 decades!
  • Communicative: Elephants form tight knit groups, and communicate with each other over long distances regularly by sending and receiving low pitched subsonic sounds through the ground. Apparently, elephants figured out social media a few thousand years before we did.  At Elephant Barns, we’re always looking to improve our customer support and communication. You can reach us and order elephant barn kits from anywhere in the mainland US. Our representatives are on call to assist you before, during, and after the free installation and assembly of your steel barn kit. We also keep in touch with our previous customers and fans on Facebook and Twitter.

Elephant Barn Kits Care about you

Elephant Barns never forgets our customers, offering custom elephant barn kits specified to fit your needs. Get in touch with comments or questions anytime!


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