Discount Barns – Steel vs. Wood

Discount Barns from Elephant Structures are Stronger, Cheaper, and Highly Functional Options

Not only are our metal barns are significantly cheaper and more portable than wooden barns, but they are corrosion protected and weather resistant, able to protect your investments from wind, water, and fire.

Advice for picking Discount Barns: Go with Steel over Wood

Considering all the money that goes into lumber and installing features in a wood barn, it’s

Discount Barns prove Steel over Wood!

Discount Barns made from steel are sturdy, affordable structures.

better to save with a sturdy barn from elephant structures that you can easy update and add features to over the years. And if you’re a DIY kind of guy, you’ll get frustrated by the all hired hands you’ll need to put together a wood barn. Investing in Elephant Barns discount barns gives you the flexibility to reassemble and upgrade your barn for years to come.

Discount Barns from Elephant Structures are highly portable, and often can be anchored straight to the ground, saving you money by cutting out the concrete foundation necessary many other barns. Ask our customer service representatives for recommendations on affordable insulation and other additional features you may want in your new barn. With all the money you saved by choosing steel, you’ll have the money for a wide away of technological features to suit up your elephant structure.

Discounted or not, all Elephant Structures ensure strength and durability from their heavy duty steel. Steel is rapidly becoming the most popular building material, for good reason. It’s eco-friendly, being 100% recyclable, and when galvanized, it fights off rust for years in the most humid environments. The advantages of steel are catching builder’s attention across the country, used for skyscrapers, residential buildings, sustainable eco-homes, and of course, discount barns.

Custom Designed Discount Barns

All of our steel barns are custom designed by you, for you. Our easy to use software that updates your price instantly as you choose the features of your barn. Design your discounts at Free delivery and installation of your barn is included in your price!

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