The Customized Barn Explained: Your Custom Features

Customized Barn

Elephant Structures gives you the freedom to design your own customized barn while also ensuring a high quality for all our structures.

Here’s some of the features of your barn that you can design your customized barn online on, and how they’ll help you.

  • Roof Styles. You get to pick the style that matches your farm’s personality. Choose between the County, the Ridgeline, and the Valley style. Check out this blog article for more information on the roof styles of a customized barn.
  • Your Doors, Windows Garage Doors, Entrances, and Open Spaces.  We want you to be able to make all three sections of your barn to exactly what you need.
  • Your Colors. Choose from 12 different colors to cover your walls, your trim, and your roof. We let you be the designer to give your barn a color based on the country.
  • Your Dimensions. Whatever you need to shelter, whether it be an RV, a tractor, a pickup truck, a couple horses, or a herd of cattle, we want to make sure that you get a customized barn for your needs.
  • Your Steel Thickness. You can go with the standard heavy duty 14 gauge steel which will handle for heavy snow-loads, hail, and thunderstorms, or upgrade to 12 gauge steel, which is 30% thicker and comes with a 20-year warranty. To strengthen your structure further, you can ask for it to be certified, guaranteeing your customized barn to last 130mph winds.
  • Your Anchors. Re-bar Pins come standard to plant your firmly into the ground, but if you live in a part of the country with sandy or loose soil, we recommend you invest in auger anchors to ensure the long life of your customized barn.  Auger anchors come standard with certified structures.
  • Your Foundation. You choose whether you want a concrete foundation for your barn or whether you want it secured right into the ground. We ensure the same high standard of stability either way, but we leave it up to you in case you need a spot to

What You Can’t Change in Your Customized Barn and Why

We wouldn’t take away your freedom to choose unless it compromised the quality of your customized barn. You’ll be glad for the standards, because whatever model of barn you buy comes with the same high quality assurance and durability.

  • Our Triple Sealed Steel with Interior corrosion resistant Zinc Dust. Why? We use our specially sealed steel for everything so that even if your barn is damaged by a tough scratch, rust will not be able to weaken your structure. Our triple layered steel ensures that whether you live in the dry or a muggy part of the country, the quality of your customized barn is assured.
  • Our paint. Why? Though you can pick from a variety of colors, you’ll have to let us do the paint job. Our specialty paint will not chip, flake, or peel for over 3 decades. You customized barn will be easy to clean, only needing water and a bit of detergent to scrub the dirt off and have it looking as good as new.
  • Our engineered kits. Why? All our parts are precisely made to ensure stability against the elements. A lot of expert engineering went into creating structures that could be assembled without heavy transport or special tools.  Our DIY structures are easy to assemble while being incredibly durable.  Even our hurricane rated certified structures can be assembled by you.

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