Compare Barns Online

Compare Barns Online

Compare Barns Online

An elegant example of a Ridgeline barn adapted by a customer to include two garage doors.

One of the great things about the elephant structures barn buying process is that each customer gets to compare individual features of their barns by creating their own custom designs online. Update a virtual model of your barn using our build ID system and watch your quote update instantly as you add or remove feature.

Throw out that catalog of standard designs, and build a catalog of your own! Make multiple designs and save them for later so that you can compare your own designs, quotes, and colors.

Start with your roof style, and build up from there! Here are a few ideas for where to go with your barn style:

County Barns

The county barn is our most affordable model, and provides an elegant three tier space that’s makes a great barn for housing animals. These designs are most often used for horse barns, stables, or tack barns.

Ridgeline Barns

The Ridgeline barn gives you lots of height, and plenty of space to park your tractor, antique cars, or to store other valuables. This barn has a classic look that fits right in with a sunset and a green, rolling pastures.

Valley Style Barns

The Valley Style Barn is an excellent farm barn. Its two sloping roof provides efficient drainage. It’s the best barn to set up concerts, hoe-downs, and barn dances in. The Valley’s wide design also provides lots of safe space for storing hay bales and surplus yields.

Read about the details of your barn features in our Barn Buyers Guide to further compare barns online and to discover what features can help your farm, business, or residence.

Compare Barns Online: Certified Structures vs. Standard Models

Upgrade your standard barn into a reinforced certified structure, with extra weatherproofing. All of our standard models have a high level of corrosion protection and storm resistance, but certified structures are built to meet and exceed building standards in 48 states across the US. Get a structure that will stand up to category three hurricane winds, intense rainstorms, and heavy snow loads.

Elephant Structures is an American Company that provides all sorts of metal buildings for customers in 48 states.  Compare Barns online with a variety of other customizable structures, such as carports, covered garages, sheds, and workshops. To learn more about our company and our products, get in touch with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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