Common Uses for Metal Barns


More and more people are coming to the realization that metal barns are more practical than wooden barns. Metal barns can serve all the same functions as a wooden barn, and then some. Not only do metal barns last much longer than traditional barns, you will also spend less money in the long run. Visit the following article to learn more on how you can save money by purchasing a metal barn. We have compiled a list of some of the most common uses for our metal barns.

Shelter for Livestock

The most obvious reason to own a barn is to provide shelter for livestock. Our metal barns can keep your livestock more protected from the elements than a traditional wooden barn. After time wooden barns begin to leak, allowing water into the interior of your barn. Our durable metal barns are guaranteed to keep water out and your livestock dry. Intruders can also get into wooden barns easier than metal barns. Whether it is snakes, coyotes, or even people, our metal barns are sealed tight and lock to keep un-wanted visitors out.

Hay/Feed Storage

Metal barns provide the perfect place for storing hay and feed for your livestock. You will be able to store your feed in a safe, clean, dry environment. There will be no need to worry about pesky critters getting to your feed.


Every farmer needs his/her own workshop. You can customize your metal barn to separate your livestock, feed, etc. from your workshop. You could use your workshop to work on equipment, chop wood, or complete any of your hobbies. Our metal barns are completely customizable, therefore you can have an open workshop or a closed off one.

Boarding Facility

By offering your metal barn as a boarding facility for horse owners, you could make a little extra cash. Customize your barn to have an indoor turnout, tack room and feed room. Keep your facility clean and well managed and you could begin to have a lot of customers. Indoor boarding facilities are not very common, so people are sure to give you a visit.

Storage for Farm Equipment

When owning a farm you most likely own quite a bit of farm equipment. Equipment such as tractors, trailers, hay balers, and so on. Sometimes it can be a struggle to find somewhere to store all of your equipment. With an Elephant Barn you never have to worry about running out of storage. We can customize your metal barn to be as large as you need to store all of your equipment.


If you choose to use your barn as a boarding facility, or even include a riding arena, you will need an office. Since our barns are customizable it is easy to include an office in your barn. You’ll be able to track all of your finances and complete other business without being disturbed.

Indoor Riding Arena

By having an open floor plan in your metal barn you could turn your barn into an indoor riding arena. Open up the arena for horse riding lessons, and have a large area for your horses to get exercise. Make your arena large enough and you could even put on horse riding shows.

Wedding Receptions

Believe it or not, a new trend is to have wedding receptions inside barns. Newlyweds are looking for a rustic, country themed place to hold their receptions and even wedding ceremonies. A metal barn is perfect for holding such large events. There will be plenty of space, and the barn is easy to clean after the reception.

Music Venue

Besides hosting wedding receptions, our metal barns can also function as a venue for bands. You can customize your barn to have an open floor plan, large enough for a stage. No one will forget seeing a performance inside a metal barn!


Metal barns are cost efficient, low-maintenance, and durable which are all good qualities to have in a brewery. You can customize your barn to be separated into a brewery and a tasting area. Brewing can be a dangerous profession; therefore, it is safer to brew inside a metal building than a wooden one.


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