Certifications and Permits

What are Certifications and Permits?

Why are they Important?

Some cities and states require you to have a permit before you can build an additional structure on your land to ensure that it meets certain codes and regulations. To find out if your state or town requires a permit visit your local Permitting Office. There are only a few states that do not require a permit so more than likely you will have to obtain one before your structure can be installed. Please know that you as a customer are responsible to finding out about a building permit.

In the case that your area does require you to have a permit your building will have to be certified. Certifications are used to know which combination of bracing and anchors are needed. This depends on the wind speeds and snow loads that your area experiences throughout the year.

If in the case your Permitting Office requires a copy of the building plans, generic ones can be provided upon request. To do that contact a sales representative and also inquire if it is an additional charge for your specific area. We can also provide you with site specific plans if necessary.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions via phone (888) 678-1942 or on the “Contact Us” page.


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