Cattle Barn

A Steel Cattle Barn from Elephant Structures

We at elephant barns understand that raising animals is about more than just profits at the end of the day.

A Cattle Barn for an American Farm

Maybe it’s easy for the huge companies to buy an industrial sized barn and line their cattle up on a conveyor belt, worrying only about profits and not at all about costs.  But for the individual rancher who spends their day tending to their livestock to ensure that they’re fat and healthy, the cost of a cattle barn is an important investment. Raising cattle isn’t just part of an individual’s economic profit, it’s part of their culture.

We Support Small Farms with an Affordable Cattle Barn

Elephant Barns supports country life in America with customer designed affordable barns. You can design a cattle barn online according to the design features and specifications that you need.  We know our barn won’t just be an industrial tool to increase your profits, it’ll be a fixture on your farm. An Elephant Barns cattle barn is an investment that will build character on a hillside, and that may even change its function as your farm grows larger over the years.

We make an effort to support growing farms by providing lower prices, and custom built materials. Get a discount by doing a DIY install, putting the barn together yourself.  Follow our Facebook and Twitter for tips and promotions, and reach out to us with your questions. We’re here to help you and your farm succeed.

Our custom steel barn kits are heavy duty strong when they’re installed, yet they’re also easily upgradable. So if you want to transform a cattle barn into a horse barn with an added workshop, you’ll be able to at any point. Call or Email us with your custom design ideas today!

An Elephant Structures Cattle Barn

Elephant Barns is an American Company that provides affordable custom cattle barn designs for the small farm or ranch.  We provide for the American individuals who work hard to make a living. You can depend on our high rated steel structures, certified to endure high winds, heavy snow loads, hail, and to employ proper drainage techniques.


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