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At Elephant Structures, we create tough, dependable and reliable buildings.  Everything from metal carports, metal garages and steel metal barns.  The Elephant in our logo stands for how tough our metal structures are.  Our Elephant Carports, Elephant Garages, Elephant Barns and whole line of Elephant Structures sets the standard for performance, reliability and  superior strength.  Our Elephant Structures are 100% Customizable to fit your exact specifications.  One of our satisfied customers, out of many, wrote us a thank you letter that demonstrates how professional and organized our installation team is.  We would like to share this letter with you.

Dear staff member,

Yesterday, my carport was delivered and installed by 3 men… in Colorado.  They had contacted me on Saturday asking if I would be interested in having my carport installed a day early (was scheduled for today, Monday, May 6th).  I agreed and we set a time for the install.  I must tell you, these 3 guys know their stuff……….they introduced themselves, we reviewed the design/installation area, made a few adjustments (my plan was off slightly), they then went to work.  All my offers to assist were met with a “No thank you Sir, we can handle it!”  They worked like a well organized team; each one knew what he had to do to support the others, they worked with skill and precision, I was very impressed, to say the least.  In just over 2 hours, they began putting their tools back onto the truck/trailer they had, asked me to inspect their work, asked me if I was happy with the carport and their work, they showed and provided me with a copy of the job order, I gave them the final payment (cashier check), they said “Goodbye” and left…

All 3 of these men worked hard, never heard any complaining/foul language, were very professional/polite.  After they departed, my Wife came out to look at the carport.  She was equally surprised that they installed this carport in record time (unit was a 12′ X 24′ unit with gable ends and 7′ walls).  The unit looks great; is of good quality, sturdy, adds to our house appeal, very much satisfied and happy to have chosen your company and product over other flimsy and less expensive units.

2 of my neighbors stopped by later in the day and asked where I got the carport.  I gladly offered up your web-site and encourage them to see for themselves what your product line offers.  I will recommend your product to all that ask; very pleased to do this.

Thanks to all for your assistance with my purchase.  Do you have lighting kits/wall curtains for these units?  I would be interested in seeing what you have, if possible.

Kind regards,



– – – –

We believe customer satisfaction comes first and we strive every day to exceed our customers’ needs and offer the friendliest customer service in the industry.  You can be sure that, and has exceptional customer service and extremely strong, reliable structures. When our customers order a carport they can sure that they will receive professional installation service for installation of their new carport.  Wondering what is the standard Warranty? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

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