Buy Metal to Avoid Wood Rot

One of the huge benefits of owning a metal barn over a traditional wooden structure is the resistance to pests and decay. Termites, carpenter bees, and other insects can eat away and destroy the frame and walls. Wood rot and problems with moisture can compromise the strength of the barn. These issues are not only harmful for your barn, but also for everything inside. Pests and fungus and irritate animals while excess moisture can ruin items like feed and hay. While wooden barns may have age and history on their side, they are no longer the most dependable and sturdy option available.

Fungus Among Us

Over time, wood rot and decay is bound to occur in any wooden barn. This is caused by a certain species of fungi that digest parts of the wood which give the wood strength and stiffness.

The life-cycle of this dry rot can be broken down into four main stages. It begins as a microscopic spore which, if there is enough present, can resemble an orange dust. If this dust is exposed to enough moisture, they will grow fine white strands known as hyphae. As the hyphae germinate, they will eventually form a large mass known as mycelium. The final stage pumps new spores into the surrounding air, spreading the fungus.

Preventing dry rot can be difficult, but antifreeze (yes, the same stuff that goes in your car) is actually very effective at preventing, killing, and containing the spores that cause it. Otherwise, there are special epoxy compounds that can be spread on the affected wood, filling in the cracks to provide structural integrity while killing the spores.

Buying a metal barn eliminates the headache of dealing with wood rot.

Work Smart, Not Hard

What if you don’t want to cover your barn in antifreeze or spend hours fixing structural issues caused by dry rot? Choosing to build with metal eliminates these issues outright. Our durable and resilient galvanized steel frames and galvalume siding and roofing ensure the highest-quality materials and constructions. Along with superior protection, you also get countless color, size, roofing, and door options so your building can match your exact needs. If you’re looking for a barn, garage, or carport – don’t build with wood. Choose Elephant Barns to get the best metal barn for your money.


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