Benefits of Building a Metal Barn

Sold to customers in 48 states across America, our barns have been adapted to a lot of different uses. We’ve heard all the different stories about how our customers have used their barns, and have been surprised again and again by their ingenuity. All we had to do was provide them with a barn that was easily adaptable in function and highly versatile in structure, and our customers transformed their steel spaces into profitable business and productive hobby shops.

Building a Barn

Plan on building a barn? He’s happy that he did it! And you will be too when you discover the usefulness of a structure that gives you the means to make all that money back.

Building a Barn that Pays for Itself

We’ve gathered our customers’ stories together to open up the way our potential customers think about building a barn. An Elephant Barn is an investment that will pay for itself over time by giving the customer the opportunity to take a new hobby or a growing farm to the next level.  Get inspired by the real examples in the list below, where innovative ideas became real money-making solutions when a customer and an Elephant Barn came together.

  • A Chicken Coop Barn or a Livestock Barn- A pair of customers related their escapades while transforming their Elephant Structures into chicken coops, raising poultry and harvesting eggs underneath a sturdy steel shelter. Both were proud of the low price and the high quality of their structure. One customer even related how impressed she was that her steel shelter anchored so firmly into the sandy and shale soil in her backyard. Chicken coops were a very creative and low cost way to make money off of a steel structure, but raising chickens isn’t the only way to perform profitable husbandry underneath an Elephant Structure. Our barns and buildings are adaptable for a wide range of livestock like dairy cows, beef, goats, alpacas, and more.
  • A Set of Stables for Horses – Our barns can be put to great use as providing sturdy, comfortable home for many pairs of horses. Building a barn with two stalls, 4 stalls, or even a dozen is easy, using our custom barn builder online. Customers in the past have had a lot of success using steel shelters to protecting their animals from violent storms, cold snowy winters, and scorching hot days.
  • A Woodworking Studio or Blacksmith Shop – Take your hobby to the next level by building a barn into a woodworking or blacksmith shop. No doubt, it takes hard work and imagination to make one of these skills into a money maker, but if you’re excited about what you do in the shop, making furniture and hand-made iron tools could be just the DIY trade that will pay for your barn. Who knows, one day you may be able to support yourself with the craftsmanship you perform in your Elephant Barn!
  • A Mechanic Shop – Customers who have always dreamed of building a personal mechanic shop to fix up cars, trucks, motorcycles and 4x4s should get excited about the prospect of building a barn. It means they’ll never have to pay for a trip to the mechanic shop again! With a lifetime supply of reduced price auto care, you’ll make back the money you spent on the barn in no time and even set yourself up for a highly profitable business.

Elephant Barns is an American company that believes in connecting people with their DIY dreams. Farmers, Mechanics, Woodworkers, Ranchers, and Hobbyists, we’re here to help you by building a barn for the work that you love to do. 

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