Build the Barn of Your Dreams

Build a Barn

Build a barn

Build to your strengths with a DIY custom barn from Elephant Structures.

Remember building Legos as a kid? Stacking together pieces of plastic and building a structure from the bottom up… It’s the creative thinking of that game that was able to grab the attention span of a 4 year old and turn the act of constructing a building into a fun game. Now that we’re all a little older, we can’t spend all day playing with toys, but our lives could still use that intelligent spark and creative challenge to keep us focused on what we want.

Elephant Barns encourages you to tap into your inner architect, and design the barn of your dreams using our virtual Build a Barn Application online. Tap into those creative energies and build a structure with the style, size, and extra features to best contribute to your farm, business, or private life. Build it to mach your house, to park an RV, to stable your horses, or to simply look great against a sunset on your hillside.

Our online barn ordering system is the most unique in the business. It’s a simple solution to getting you a barn the exact barn that you’re looking for, at a price that will make you smile. We believe that life should be a fun and creative journey. Maybe we’re no better than our 4 year old selves- maybe our toys just got bigger!

Creative Construction: Build a barn DIY style

Self-assembly is available for all Elephant Structures, and will give you a 5% discount off of the total price of your building. unlike our carports and meal sheds, however, Elephant Barns do not come with assembly instructions. While the assembly shouldn’t take any special tools to complete, customers who choose the DIY option should have already completed a few projects under their belt.  With a little construction experience, a few good friends, and a case of beer for the end of the day, you’ll have a barn anchored right on your property, ready-to-use in no time at all.

Of course, if DIY isn’t your way, we’ll include free installation and delivery in the price of your order!

Elephant Structures is an American company that manufactures, delivers, and assembles custom barns on farms and backyards all across the USA. Whether you want to build a barn, a shed, a carport, a new garage, or a custom structure of your choosing, we’re on call to help you. Take the reins, and design a barn that’s perfect for your needs today.

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