Barns are Making a Comeback

Barns have long been thought of as a tool for agriculture. When most people think of barns they think of farmers and storing bales of hay, livestock, and tools for farming. As agriculture grew alongside the population and technology, we started seeing less and less traditional “barns.” Metal barns took over as the standard for modern farms. Wooden barns were too temporary, and namely flammable.

Here in 2018, wooden barns are nearly obsolete. The out-dating of wooden barns doesn’t mean barns are going anywhere, however. In fact, barns are making a comeback. Our modern world and constantly changing technological atmosphere has brought them back in a big way. With some minor adjustments, of course.

Barn dominium in the middle of a field.


A Barndominium is a condominium designed from a barn. When the housing market collapsed, many Americans were searching for affordable housing methods. Tiny homes made their mark on the new economy, as well as variations on the formula. The barndominium is one of those variations. By taking a metal barn frame, installing wood floors, beams were desired and other aesthetic design choices a barndominium is made. With our clear span barns, the amount of square footage you get for the price is astounding.Barn wedding in the middle of a field.


Barn Weddings

The vintage aesthetic has also made a comeback, for reasons as mysterious as the cosmos. Young people have sought out affordable methods to create a grand wedding. The market has responded by creating a mix of rustic modern style barns. The outcome is visible all through social media, and the effect is quite nice. Many millennials pay a modest fee in comparison to previous prices for their dream wedding in hybrid metal barns. Owning one would pay itself back in dividends.

sheep in a barn stares deep into the camera lens.

Local Agriculture

Our culture is becoming more and more health conscious, and many who have the option choose local farming over large scale farming. Herein, many new local farmers have sprouted up everywhere throughout the country. They needed affordable methods to manage their small scale operations, and metal barns were the most reliable and affordable means. If you’re thinking of running a small scale farming operation the best option for storage or hydroponic storage is a metal barn.

Piles of books sit in the interior of a barn.

Barn Shops

Thrift stores are booming throughout the country in urban and rural areas. Not to mention produce shops, craft stores, and more. Small businesses have made a large resurgence to economical pressures and hard working Americans taking their fate into their own hands. Location is important when using a metal barn as a shop, but it can be mitigated by having quality product and excellent customer service.

Group of people in a field showing community.

Barn Community Centers

The one thing that every local area could use more of is community. The reasons most communities don’t have a center is simply due to low budget. Fundraisers have built many community barn centers, the clear span and state of the art engineering allow the investment to bring people together for decades. If you’re community is looking for a center then a metal barn is an excellent way to attain an area with large amounts space for activities and gatherings.

Elephant Barns Is Still Here

Truth is, barns never went anywhere. They just changed shape. We’ve been in the metal building business for quite some time now, and the economy has only grown in directions where we can assist customers even more. Above are just a few of the methods we’ve seen our barns be used for, but there are an infinite number of uses more. Call now for a free consultation or create your own with our online builder here.





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